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Israel offers a rare combination of best food, great people and an endlessly diverse list of places. So no matter if its faith, culture or curiosity that brought you here,  here are the best attractions you just must view once you have arrived.


Jerusalem has one of the world's most famous skylines, with the golden helmet of the Dome of the Rock glinting above the caramel-colored stone of the old city. This very old city holds deep religious importance for all those of the monotheistic faiths, and the labyrinthine alleyways in the old area are packed with religious places and mind-bogging history. Explore the city wonderful museum, and immerse yourself in the mazy lanes that kings, conquerors and Crusaders have all fought over. 


Jerusalem is all history. Tel Aviv is about cafe culture and modern dining. And Haifa just does its own thing. This wonderful northern city's highlight is the Baha I Gardens, which tumble down the hillside towards the sea in a series of perfect green terraces. They are must-do for all visitors here, but Haifa huge attractions for many visitors is that it is best base to explore the north. Akko, Caesura, and Mount Carmel are right on the doorstep, and even Megiddo and Nazareth could be simply done as a day trip from there.


Forever attached to the story of Jesus in the Bible, Nazareth is one of the main pilgrimage places in the country. The hole places here are some of the most vital in the planet for those of the Christian faith. This is where Annunciation took place,  and where Jesus Christ was brought up, and the middle of town is home to vital churches that celebrate this history. Do not miss the Basilica of the Annunciation and exploring the dynamic bazaar area, which includes some up to date bustle  to the twisty, old city lanes.


 A wonderful vision of the honey-colored stone, Jaffa is chilled-out pretty harbor town with an illustrious past as a big port. Made for aimless wandering and house to a best flea market, Jaffa offers an old-world style respite from the modern thrum of Tel Aviv next door.

Cheap Flights to Israel FAQs

What time of day is cheap to fly?

Israel flights can be made affordable if you pick a flight at midday. Booking cheap flights to Israel in the afternoon will likely mean higher prices.

Which day is cheap to fly to Israel?

At the moment, Wednesday is the most perfect day to take a flights to Israel direct. Saturday is likely to be the  most expensive.

When is the excellent time to book flights to Israel?

Booking 55 days in advance of your planned departure date is, on average, the excellent flights to Israel time. The general trends is that the nearer to book to the departure date, the more expensive your Israel flight will be.

Best time to fly to Israel

Peak season
The main cities in Israel (Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem) are year-round places, though they may become very warm and sticky in the summer months. Israel's peak season is generally the hot months, when school is out and bigger groups plan trips to Israel.

Off season
Most of the beach resorts enjoy hot temperatures even in the wintertime, so this can be best time to travel to Israel. Lower Israel flight tickets price are generally found during the winter months. Anyway, it does cold in the mountains.

What is the excellent time to fly to Israel?

January is typically the top time to fly to Israel, but there are other times where great Israel flight deals are accessible. If weather is a vital factor for when considering when to fly to Israel, the hottest period tends to be August, with the wettest being January.

Cheap prices for Israeli flights by month

January  is presently the cheap month to fly to Israel on average price $235 . At the moment in time August is the most costly month on average price $358. 

Getting around Israel

There are few local flights to Israel direct accessible in the country, between Tel Aviv, Eilat, and Haifa, operated by airlines Israair, Arkia and El Al.

Buses are amazing for inter-city trips. Most are run by a company known as Egged. Fares are reasonable and the journey is quick. You can buy tickets in advance at the bus station or buy direct from the driver.

The rail service less extensive, but slowly spreading. It is all run by Israel Railways. Airlines cheap flights to Israel must be bought in advance, but you can book a seat when you do so.

Note that there is a no bus or rail service on public holidays or Shabbat.