Partner and Customer retention



Partner and Customer retention

A special occasion needs special recognition. If it is the successful conclusion of a contract or the anniversary of a successful collaboration: A small but fitting gift never hurts. Also for a birthday of an important business partner or a Christmas gift for your customer. has a personalized event gift-idea. Because an event-gift is always an investation into a successful mutual future.

  • Conclusion of contracts
  • Reward customer loyalty
  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries



What motivates and binds colleagues in the company?

Money rewards are always liked but they are old. Through active colleague retention programs that emotionally and actively involve the colleagues you will hold valuable colleagues longer in your team. A high identification is besides that positive for your success as a company because your colleagues are more ready and motivated to finish their tasks. We will compile personalized event packages for your company to increase your colleague happiness levels. Event-gifts, workshops, bonus awards or company events – we only have one goal in mind: To bind your personal for a long time. Colleague retention is no one time activity but a duty that one should take serious.



In the year 2017, brought the Corporate gift to East Africa and Southern Africa with the aim to create themselves as a direct contender of outmoded gift concepts. provides hundreds of experiences of 8 diverse themes: short vacations, wellness, theme parks, events & food, lifestyle and culture, and sport and action.
For each event has the appropriate gift for you! If Christmas, birthday, a thank you to your coworkers, a greeting to your coworker that changes the workplace, a gift to a friend; provides a variety of events to get away from the routine life, to enjoy culinary moments, to experience adventures or to relax.

By the discovery of these advanced products shaped a novel gift notion, which for the 1st time allows to gift an amazing event with an extensive variety of activities and destinations.

After rapid development the victory brand accomplished to turn into the prominent brand in the Corporate gifts niche.
You will get the tours and experiences on the website. 


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