Supplier FAQs

If you are someone who owns or manages a hotel or other services related to
travel like tours, activities, excursions, attractions or transfers, which you would like to be featured in our travel marketplace, then we at Tiketi.com can help you grow your business.

1. What is Tiketi.com‘s partner program?

Tiketi.com partners with travel service providers and offers travel products and services to customers registered with Tiketi.com.


2. Who is eligible for Tiketi.com‘s partner program?

Stable, experienced travel service providers that provide domestic and/or international services to customers and/or business partners, and which have adequate staff members servicing end customers can join our Tiketi.com partner program.


3. Is there a required fee in order to register with Tiketi.com as a partner?

No,  it is completely free. There are no registration fees. 


4. What is Tiketi.com‘s business model?

First, register and then accept the terms and conditions so you can get access to Tiketi.com’s online platform. By continuing, you are also agreeing to allow Tiketi.com to email you with regards to your business registration. After submitting all your product details on our platform, our quality assurance team will then go through all your submitted details then make your product go live on Tiketi.com for customers to book. On each sale of your product or service, Tiketi.com will charge you a commission. For more details on Tiketi.com’s business model, contact us at +49 30 23 98 24 80 or send us an email at supplier@tiketi.com.






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