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Easy and cheap online bus ticket booking Rwanda. Transportation across borders is a huge factor that affects tourism in East Africa. There is forever need for a fresh route for air couriers and bus service and it is a best thing that transportation firms are venturing out into new territory every other day. Here is the guide how you can book cheap bus tickets in Rwanda:

Intercity online bus booking Rwanda

Trinity express, a bus firm is almost ready to release new route to Tanzania, Eastern Congo and Burundi. Trinity express has in recent years become of the biggest bus operators and partner of online bus booking Rwanda platform Tiketi.com operators between Kampala and Kigali and is looking to expand its market in Dar es Salaam, Bujumbura, and Goma.

These run to set timetable (generally each thirty minutes) between big towns, only stopping at official stops near the places. Even if alighting earlier, price to the next big stop has to be paid. Almost all Rwanda bus bookings route pass through Nyabugogo in Kigali.

Rwanda bus bookings station and online bus ticket booking Rwanda confirmed bus reservation

The buses are run by private firms and partner with online bus ticket booking Rwanda plattform Tiketi.com. As bus tickets are booked online or paid and printed at the offices (big stops) or by an employee along the road (little stops), there is no need for conductor to collect the money in the bus. Bus tickets in Rwanda can be issued in advance, so they might be sold out fast at busy times (mainly Friday, Sundays and at the starting/end of school holidays).

Cheap bus tickets in Rwanda

For long now long distance travel East Africa has been done by bus. It is cost-friendly for locals and there is affordable price competition among the bus operating firms. Lately anyway, a few airlines are doing their best to give bus services a run for their cash by lowering airline tickets for flights within the area. In Tanzania for example, the air tickets for domestic fight sell for as low as $20 adding taxes, and tickets for flights across the area can go for $50. 

Bus routes

Rwanda anyway needs more connect to the rest of the area to boost travel, trade and tourism. These fresh routes to Tanzania by Trinity Express can only be a best thing. The firm has already become famous with travelers from Rwanda to Uganda both foreigners and locals. Tourists on Uganda safari have become travelled to Rwanda back, the same could be the case with online bus ticket booking Rwanda and Tanzania bus routes. After your three day gorilla tour to Rwanda, one can take a bus to a favorite place within East Africa.