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Book Taxi in Marrakech - Routes & Fares FAQs

What is the Marrakech taxi service fare from Marrakesh Menara Airport to city centre?

Please keep in mind that Marrakech airport taxi drivers forever use a taximeter to charge their journeys, but also tend to try and overcharge or scam tourists. To reject this, we advise booking your taxi Marrakech airport in advance.

In light traffic, taking a Marrakech taxi service from airport into the heart of the city will cost around €4.60 during the day and  €6.80 during the nighttime hours.

Taxi services in Marrakech airport to Medina fare

Although the general practice is to charge through a taximeter, taxi services in Marrakech links from the airport have been set to fixed rates in order to simplify the trips. For a typical four door car the tariff to Medina Old Town is €6.50, while the bigger minivans the cost is higher at €15. Factors, such as the day time and type of vehicle can further affect the taxi prices.

Taxi fares in Marrakech for different routes

Taxis Marrakech are so different from other. They do not love to turn on the meter nor to give a best price. The lowest price for the ride is Seven MAD, no issue what distance you did. At night, the tariff is higher.
The most vital rule for getting a taxi in Marrakech - ensure the meter is on. If not, bargain the price before. To go from train station of Marrakech to the Jemma el-Fnaa square cost approximately 25 MAD. Taxi app in Marrakech booking service from Carre Eden shopping mall to Jemma el-Fnaa, around ten MAD.

Some safe Marrakech taxi service refuse to use meter unless you force, then, take another taxi willing to use the meter. If the taxi driver is scamming you, reject to pay. Taxi drivers cannot even prove you had a ride because the meter was not on.

Taxi App in Marrakech Booking Tips

Marrakech Menara Airport is considered the key airport of the Marrakesh province. The little route to the city centre is 4.4 km, so your Menara airport taxi ride should not take longer than twelve minutes in light traffic. Once your Marrakech Airport Taxi driver exists the airport compound, he will take Menara Avenue and then turn right onto Prince Moulay Rachid. Reaching the Menara mall, your Marrakech taxi service driver will then turn left onto Mohammed VI Boulevard and go to north until he reaches the downtown area of Marrakech. From here, your driver will use the domestic roads to reach your hotel.