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One of the active and busiest ports in East Africa, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania is mainly a fish village that has changed into a wonderful city of a few million. Being one of the initial sea routes in the planet, it has retained its multi-cultural charm. Here are some of the best attractions:

Askari Monument
The Askari Monument is a bronze status of World War One Solider showing a rifle. The monument commemorates African army who fought in the World War One. Look out for Rudyard Kipling's inscription on the monument in Swahili and English. The statue is a city landmark and a favourite with visitors and touts alike.

State House
Near to the public, the amazing State House is another city landmark on the harbour front. Built actually as a residence for the German Governor in the nineteen century, it was built with additions by the British it got partially damaged during the World War One. In its present imposing avatar, it is house of the president.

National Museum and House of Culture
View snapshots of country history through the ages, a colorful mosaic of cultures and tribes  - from fossils of early man unearthed during excavations to the area tribal heritage, the Zanzibar slave trade, as well as its British and German  colonial age. The museum opened as a memorial to King George V - also has shows of crafts and traditional arts, musical instruments and ornaments.

Flights from Kampala to Dar es Salaam FAQs

How long does the Flights from Kampala to Dar es Salaam take?

When flying direct, guess to fly for approximately two hours. The travel distance is about 671 kilometers.

How many Kampala to Dar es Salaam cheap flights on average per day?

On average three flights depart from Kampala to Dar es Salaam per day.
Morning - hundred percent of flight departures.

How famous is the Kampala to Dar es Salaam flights cheap route?

Kampala to Dar es Salaam flights operate 33 times a week.

What is the Kampala to Dar es Salaam flight time?

Direct flights between Dar es Salaam and Kampala take about 1 hours 44 minutes.

What is the famous fights operate between Kamapala and Dar es Salaam?

Rwandair and Precision Air fly between Kampala and Dar es Salaam with a stopover in Kilimanjaro.

What is the name of Kampala to Dar es Salaam direct flights?

Northern Dene Airways has Dar es Salaam flights from Kampala direct.