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Algiers is a capital of the country of the same name. the old city is rich in popular sights and different types of fun. The city traditionally attracts different visitors and it will be remarkable for shopping addicts, gourmet, and, definitely, for every person who wants to visit best places and wants to get acquainted with culture of distinct nations.  Here are some of the best attractions of Algier:

Jamaa el-Jedid mosque

Dining and shopping at restaurants is best to gather with sightseeing. The cit is full of old mosques and other buildings created many centuries ago. Jamaa el-Jedid mosque is one of the most wonderful religious buildings in the city. The oldest region of Algeris is Kasba. Here you will find many dark narrow streets, little squares and buildings of unusual forms.

Notre Dame d'Afrique

Among the cultural monuments of Algeria, Notre Dame d'Afrique deserves complete focus. Having been built in 1872, this cathedral is an initial example of neo-Byzantine architecture style. Made of out stone, this template is amazingly charming, and is placed right next to several other wonderful historical sculptures and buildings. The temple is placed on a hilltop, and provides a best view of the city and the coast from its neighboring area.

Grand Mosque

One of the oldest buildings in the city is famous to be the Grand Mosque, that was built in 1097 by the order of the Al-Afdal ibn Salal. The mosque is placed in the historic area of the Kasbah and is valid to this city. Over the years of its existence it was repeatedly expanded and rebuilt, but in common the construction managed to keep its real look.

Martyrs' Memorial

One of the most wonderful monuments in the city is considered to be the Martyr's Memorial, also famous to visitors under the unofficial name of the "the Algerian Eiffel Tower." The height of the monument is ninety-two meters, it is rightly visible from any area of the city. This monument is dedicated to the persistence of the Algerian people, there is security guard on duty at all times, and on top of the monument is an eternal fire.

Cheap Flights to Algier FAQs?

Which day is cheap to fly to Algier?

At the moment, Wednesday is the perfect day to take a cheap flights to Algier cheap. Sunday is likely to be the most expensive.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

At the moments, flights to Algier in the afternoon are likely to provide the top value for money for your trip. A flight at noon will more often not be of top cost.

When is the excellent time to book cheap flights to Algier?

The best cheap flights to Algier time is 20 days before your desired departure date. The cost of your Algier flight will likely increase dramatically if you book 2 weeks in advance of your flight.

What is the excellent time to visit Algier?

There are 2 amazing seasons to come to Algiers. The first season lasts from April to July and the second is from September to November. Missing the sweltering sun in July is a best idea when visiting Algier. The temperature during these 2 seasons hovers between 20 C to 26C.  The sun is toasty and you can feel its golden rays. There is just a limited chance of rain during these periods as well, which is why Algier is loved by visitors visiting the city during these time spans.

What is the cheap month of year to fly to Algier?

The cheap time to book flights to Algier direct is by visiting the city at the peak of the rainy season. It does not rain that much in the city, but the overcast skies repel the visitors that generally line its beaches in search of the sun. the rainy season peaks in January and November, which also coincides with the lowest level on the graph depicting the attendance of foreign visitors in the city. With most of the visitors gone to find warmer climates, the Algier flights and hotel costs decline to be more competitive. Coming to Algier in these 2 months could keep you from going bankrupt at the end of the holiday.

Is there a big international airport in Algier?

Houari Boumediene Airport serves the city of Algier. The airport has many names: some call it Algiers Airport while others, call it Maison Blanche Airport. The airport is just seventeen kilometers away from the Shrine of the Martyrs which resides at the city centre.

Getting around Algier

It is fairly simple to travel around in Algier. Algier has a metro system that facilities local and visitors. Currently, a single line runs along the coasts and links ten stations. Taxis are also cheaply accessible in Algiers. Let the drive know where you are headed beforehand and also negotiate on the price. The bus network is also huge and efficient. Bus tickets are purchased by a conductor who is generally seen holding a bundle of tickets. Bus tickets generally cost 20 dinars each.