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The islands that form the Comoros archipelago contain the big islands of Mwali, Nzwani, and Ngazidja. The Comoros capital city of Moroni with its colonial environment attract a number of visitors. Here are some of the best attractions of Comoros are:

Mount Karthala

Mount Karthala is the top point in Comoros and lies in the Grand Comore island. Mount Karthala of Ngazidja island in Comoros has the distinction of being the top point in Indian Ocean archipelago. The top of the mountain is estimated to be 2361 meters above sea level.
This dynamic volcano erupted about 20 times since 19th century. Frequent eruptions have shaped Mount Karthala into caldera.

The marine park

The marine park covers a place of 404 km2 and contain rocky areas and beaches, offshore islands, well developed coral reefs and scattered mangrove stands.
The park is also of international and regional significance for its breeding colony of several 1000 noddies, its nesting beach for some five-thousand green turtles, a little resident population of dugong and regular sighting of dolphins and whales.

Ngazidja Island and La Sale

The main attraction of the Island of Ngazidja in Comoros is the dynamic volcanic mountain called as Mount Karthala. Other attractions of Ngazidja Island in Comoros contain the Vendredi Mosque. The mosque is placed very close to the port. The top of the mosque provides a perfect view of the full Moroni city. The city itself a remarkable urban settlement of colonial design and board boulevards. The narrow winding Moroni streets has a special charm of its own. Ngazidja island also have a few warm sulphur springs. Many visitors to the Island visit Lac Sale to observe the natural wonder.


The capital city of Comoros, the city is the Comoros Swahili town. The city houses all the vital places, like the administrative buildings etc. the Badjanani Mosque, or the old Friday mosque is worthy of mention,  since it attracts visitors from all over to this holy location of worship for its complex stone architecture. The city is vintage and very old, and reflects well of its past.

Cheap Flights to Comoros FAQs

Which day is cheap to fly to Comoros?

At the moment, Friday is the most perfect day to take a cheap flights to Comoros. Tuesday is likely to be the most expensive.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

At the moments, Comoros flights at midday are likely to provide the top value for money for your Comoros trip. A flights to Comoros direct in the afternoon will more often than not be of top cost.

When is the excellent time to fly to Comoros?

January is typically the best flights to Comoros time, but there are other times where amazing Comoros flights and hotel deals are accessible.

Best time to visit

Peak season
Comoros is characterized by its tropical climate, governed by its dry and wet season. You will find the rather monsoon and wet-like weather between the months of January and May, when it is also most humid. The weather is amazing for visiting between June and November, with warm temperature and less rain. Average temperature in the dry season range between 18 C and 27 C during the dry season.
Booking a cheap flights to Comoros during peak season means you will be viewing Comoros at the top possible time as most visitor attractions will be open for business. Anyway, if you do not book ahead, you run the danger of missing on the best Comoros flight deals, hotels and attractions in Comoros. So be sure to book your activities far enough in advance to reject disappointment.

Off-peak season
Flights to Comoros cheap during the off-peak season can be a remarkable way to keep money because hotels and flights are generally affordable at this time. By booking an airlines cheap flight tickets Comoros, you should spend the Comorian Franc you have saved on other things such  as drinks, food, and activities. Anyway, you should also be alert that certain attractions may be closed or have limited hours during the off-peak season.
Which airlines operating cheap flights to Comoros?
Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air Tanzania, EWA Air, and Air Madagascar are some of the famous airlines that operate flights to Comoros.

Getting around Comoros

By car

Only on the main island (Grande comore) there are rental vehicles accessible, but it is pretty expensive. Traffic drives on the right and you need an international driving permit.

By bus

The way to get around is by the taxi-brousses or shared taxi. Services are frequent in some locations, but less frequent in the more remote locations or outer island.

By boat

There are regular passenger and cargo services between the islands. Anjouan and Moheli are the main links from Grande Comore.

By plane

Comores Aviation offers services between the Islands. Air Services Comores offers flights as well.