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Kinshasa, the capital is a best starting point for daytrips. Some prominent places include Bunia, Kisantu, and Goma, which are little towns that can be used as stopovers for visits to the native villages, mountains, and national parks. A local trip is advised to help you get around.

Congo River

The Congo River is the world's deepest river and is the second biggest river in the planet by volume of water discharged after the River Amazon. Scientists have calculated that the full Congo Basis accounts for 13 percent of global hydropower potential. Presently, there are about 40 hydropower plants in the Congo Basin. In terms of aquatic life, the Congo River Basin has over seven-hundred fish species, crocodiles and among others.


The capital city on the banks of the River Congo, saves a diverse urban culture with charming scenic places  as well as dynamic nightlife. A wonderful geographic interest of this south-western city province is that, it overlooks Brazzaville cross the river which is Republic of Congo capital city. Tourism around the city is suitable and favorable due to abundant planned tour choices. These planned trips offer for day trips around the city to art gallery, museums, and cathedrals and though university places along with eco-excursion choices.

Lola Ya Bonobo

Lola Ya Bonobo is the planet only safe haven for orphaned bonobos placed just south of the town of Kimwenza at the Peties Chutes de la Lukaya, Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo established in 1944 by Claudine Andre and is house to over sixty bonobos.

Zongo waterfalls

Zongo waterfalls is 180 kilometers from Kinshasa. It is the bucket list place for most visitors to Democratic Republic of Congo. The waterfall is provides for a wonderful and serene view, amidst clouds and the rainbows  formed due to water dropping from a great height.

Cheap Flights to Democratic Republic of the Congo FAQs

Best time to visit Congo

When you book flights to Democratic Republic of the Congo cheap, the rough weather guide is best to have as to set back drop in mind. Generally, we view weather in 4 diverse kaleidoscopes in one full calendar year.  The dry spell that begins from the early week of June and lasts all through September start are the best days to book flights to Democratic Republic of the Congo direct. This is thought to be perfect weather to set out for excursions. Anyway, on the other side the wet season in the southern parts of the Congo makes the travelling a little bit hard. Hence it is particularly advised to visit Congo during the day season.

When is the cheap time to visit Congo?

Well, there are forever budget wise people out there intending to explore as much as they within an affordable budget. They may opt for the wet season when an extremely few expeditionary tours are guessed. Some northern parts of the country are still greeting in the months of February and January and visitors tend to find Democratic Republic of the Congo flights and hotel deals in lesser rates.

Which airlines offer cheap flights to Democratic Republic of the Congo?

•  Ethiopian Airlines
•  Air France
•  Kenya Airways
•  Turkish Airlines
•  Brussels Airlines
•  Royal Air Maroc

Big international airports in Congo

Congo is split between 2 countries, namely the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In case of these Democratic Republic of Congo, the key international hubs to support the local aviation network are:

•  Kinshasa’s N’Djili Airport

•  Lubumbashi’s Luano Airport

Goma Airport and Bangoka International Airport also attend to international flights, extending Democratic Republic of the Congo flights to numerous local airports as well as airstrips.

For the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville hosts  as the key aviation hub with its Maya Maya airport attending to approximately 400 flights every week. Pointe Noire also facilities international flight operations in the country, permitting linking flights to reach out to other local airports and airstrips.

How to get around in Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo falls in the center of Congo Basin, and has different inland ports for supporting ferries. 

Taxis and car rentals
Driving is a simple way to get around the Congo. If you are going to get a vehicle, four-wheel drive vehicles are highly advised. Fleets are restricted, but are accessible at the airport with advanced bookings suggested.

Congo ferries
A ferry operates on the Congo River, and it security permits, you can use it to travel to Kisangani from Kinshasa. 

Congo buses and trains
Train travel is possible to Matadi from Kinshasa, as well as from Kalemie through Kabalo or Lumbumbashi to llebo. The great lakes railways runs between Kisangani and Ubundu, passing Boyoma Falls and Stanley along the way. Principal trains have couchettes and dining vehicles, and air-conditioned. 

Minibuses also run in big cities like Kinshasa and known as taxis.