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      Climax Coaches Online Bus Ticket Booking

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap Climax Coaches bus tickets online.

      Climax Coaches online booking made easy. Climax Coaches limited is a Kenya bus company which was founded in 2008 and start their operations with just two buses. 7 years later, their fleet has grown 7 fold and ninety-eight percent of the fleet comprise of scania buses. So do Climax Coaches online bus ticket booking now!

      Climax Coaches Online Booking, Contacts, Routes & Fares FAQs

      What is the routes covered by Climax Coaches buses?

      The routes offered by the buses are all to the western part of the country through Climax Coaches booking, from Nairobi to the destinations like Malaba, Kakamega, Busia, Kisumu, Kitalie and Mbale. They also have routes to western town of Butere and Siaya.

      •    Nairobi to Busia
      •    Nairobi to Kisumu
      •    Nairobi to Kitale
      •    Nairobi to Siaya
      •    Nairobi to Mbale
      •    Nairobi to Butere

      Climax Coaches destinations

      Some of the famous destinations to stay:

      •    Siaya
      •    Kisumu
      •    Kericho
      •    Majengo
      •    Nakuru
      •    Mbale
      •    Chavakali
      •    Kapsabet
      •    Webuye
      •    Kakamega
      •    Shamakhokho
      •    Mois Bridge
      •    Eldoret
      •    Matunda
      •    Webuye
      •    Kitale
      •    Bungoma
      •    Mumias
      •    Busia

      Climax coaches service line

      The bus company offer daily intercity passenger transport services from Nairobi city to different destinations within Kenya. They have a routes to the Western and North regions respectively through Climax Coaches bus tickets.

      Customers and passengers can enjoy a pick up services for those who are beginning their journey while the bus is on the go to her place.
      The company also provides a parcel transport service to all places where their buses used to go with a fair prices depending on the nature and size of your parcels.

      What is the Climax Coaches booking office contact buses details?

      Address: Saboti, Eldoret-Kitale Rd, Saboti, Kenya

      Climax Coaches Online Bus Ticket Booking Kenya Tips

      Climax coaches is one of the bus company that ferry passengers to Western Kenya. Anyway, there are reputable shuttle and buses that ply the route.
      If you would love to take a bus, then you can consider taking Mesh Pao, Easy Coach, or even Dreamline. There are also reputable shuttles such as Great Rift, North Rift, Prestige, Blueline and Mololine.

      Climax buses or otherwise known as climax coaches is a bus firm that runs to cities in the former Rift Valley, Nyanza, and Western provinces. It offers passenger cargo, services, and freight services.