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Book cheap flights to Nigeria online and save money on airfare. Nigeria is known as the most famous country in Africa and has become an untouched visitor heaven with a big area of exotic beaches, fresh-looking culture and tradition, green mountains, and captivating visitor attractions. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket from Nigeria through great offers on Nigeria flights online ticket booking.

Now, we are going to look through the best places of interest in Nigeria:

Yankari Game Reserve

Get ready to experience nature in the Nigeria biggest wildlife retreat. At the reserve, you will be fascinated by the number of activities you can participate in.  Marvel at the biggest herd of elephants in the country, embark on a guided safari trip and explore the tropical forests. At the Reserve, you will find various varieties of animal species adding patas monkey, olive baboon, western hartebeest, roan antelope and living in their natural habitats.

Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation center, Lagos is the one of the top nature reserves in Nigeria. This relaxation and conservation center provides a breath of fresh air and an escape from the forever shinning city of Lagos. The twenty-year old conservation center cum nature hub, which covers a region of 78 hectares, is managed and run by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation.  Generally regarded as a symbol of nature conservation, Lekki conservation center shows the flagship project of Nigeria Conservation Foundation for the preservation of special scenic, biodiversity, natural, and scientific recreational values.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay, a sheltered beach placed near the Lagos harbour. It is a famous with water-sports and swimmers enthusiasts, also home to a welcoming local community.

If you are looking for wonderful romantic time, you should visit Tarkwa Bay Beach on a weekday. Though, Tarkwa Bay beach is a little and lesser visited beach, many fun seekers visit it during the weekends, festive season and public holidays.

Gashaki-Gumpti National Park

This national park offers an appealing insight into the life in Nigerian medieval times. It is known as Gashaki-Gumpti National Park. It is placed on the mountain of Wind, the Chappal Wadi, Chappal Hendu and the Mountain. Basically, it is the biggest and the most diverse National Park in Nigeria.

Cheap flights to Nigeria FAQs

When is the excellent time to visit Nigeria?

Mainly there are 2 seasons in Nigeria, winter or dry and summer or wet. Jos town has the most wonderful climate in all of Nigeria. Rest of the country has warm weather. Northern parts of the country are dry and warm whereas southern part are humid and warm. So, the flights to Nigeria time is from October to January excellent. Peak season lies between December to February as most Nigerian festivals happen during this part of the year.

Southern and northern parts also change in timing of the wet season. The rainy season happens from April to September in South and in North, it is from April to December. There are fewer crowds in offseason and cheap flights to Nigeria than the peak season. Anyway, if you want to visit Nigeria during top season, we would advise you to book flights to Nigeria direct few months in advance to secure the cheapest Nigeria tickets price to Nigeria.

Which airlines operate offer airline ticket to Nigeria?

There are few airlines that operates cheap airline ticket to Nigeria, all depending on where you want to travel too. Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Turkish are the big airlines that provides flights to Nigeria.  Virgin provides a high standard of relaxation and service with all of their flights to Nigeria, but they will be slightly more costly than some of the substitutes. British Airways offer complimentary drink and food onboard all of their flights which is best offer to take benefit of on long-haul flights. Ultimately it depends on your budget, dates, and preference so you have settled on a place in Nigeria you can then research and match the price of different Nigeria flight deals.

How long is the Nigeria flights?

•  British Airways direct flight to Nigeria from Heathrow: Six hours thirty minutes.

•  Nonstop flight from New York to Lagos, Nigeria: Ten hours thirty minutes.

•  Nonstop flight from Dubai to Lagos, Nigeria: Seven hours forty minutes.

•  Emirates flies from Birmingham through Dubai: Eighteen hours ten minutes.

What are the most preferred airline to fly to Nigeria from London?

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are the most preferred airlines for Nigeria London flights. It requires six hours to seven hours maximum on a problem-free flight journey to reach Lagos. In general from UK, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer direct flights to Nigeria Lagos. The most famous route is from London.

Getting around Nigeria

• Taxies are accessible from the airport to the city, but must decide rate before your journey to reject overpaying. The roads in Nigeria are extremely poorly kept, and as an outcome Nigeria government is making powerful efforts to privatize the Nigeria Railway Corporation. The most efficient and relax way to travel through Nigeria and west Africa by air and rail.

•  After your flights to Nigeria Lagos lands, head to the western side of Lagos to check out Coconut beach, or visit the Tarwa Bay, whcih is famous with families for the plethora of water sport activities accessible.

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