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Book cheap flights to Mozambique online and save money on airfare. Mozambique is one of Africa’s most wonderful countries along the coast of Africa’s Indian Ocean. We highlight some of the top attractions in Mozambique that make this country a remarkable African place. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket from Mozambique through great offers on Mozambique flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the best attractions of Mozambique

The Island of Mozambique

The Island of Mozambique is one of the big attractions in the country, and most visitors love exploring it. Named as one of the UNESCO World Heritage place in the country, this Island holds so much of Mozambique culture and history that dates back to the 17th and 18th century.

Maputo City

Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique. It is placed towards the southern part of the country. Maputo is the biggest city in Mozambique, and the country’s most vital harbour is also placed here.
There are different visitor attractions to visit in Maputo and they contain the Eiffel House, Tunduru Botanical Gardens, National Museum of art’s or the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Bazaruto is an archipelago comprising 6 islands: Santa Carolina, Magaruque, Benguerra, Bazaruto, and Bangue. Home to different wildlife species, desert beaches and pristine, reefs with a big range of brightly coloured fish, the archipelago is also secure heaven from big tourism. Actually, Bazaruto provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience with everything you might guess from a tropical paradise.

Gorongosa National Park

This park is placed in central Mozambique, on the southern edge of the Great Rift Valley. With about 4,000 square kilometers, the parks boasts a stunning biodiversity in the context of the African continent. The area has many diverse ecosystems, such forests, savannas, grasslands, which make special situations for wildlife. Guests to the parks can spot herds of elephants and antelopes, hippos, crocodiles, lions, and more than three-hundred different bird species.


Set just thirty kilometers from Maputo, the Inhaca Island is best for a day trip from the Mozambican capital. With charming and serene beaches, it is a best area for diving with an abundance of colorful reefs and fish, and for deep sea fishing. You can also visit the old lighthouse, as well as Museum of Marine Biology and Santa Maria Island.

Cheap flights to Mozambique FAQs

Best time to fly to Mozambique

Peak season
May to end of October is the dry season and when most visitors book cheap flight tickets to Mozambique. The weather is drier and cooler. The summer  months – June, July and August are Mozambique coolest months. This is the most famous time to fly to Mozambique for safaris.

Off season
The rainy season lasts from November to May. The weather during this time is warm and it is humid, but cheap flights to Mozambique and hotel discount can be found.

Which day is cheap to fly to Mozambique

The cheap day to fly to Mozambique is generally Tuesday. At the moment, Saturday is the most costly.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

At the moment, cheap Mozambique flight tickets at midday are likely to offer the top value for money for your Mozambique trip. Mozambique flights in the afternoon will more often than not be of top cost.

When is the excellent time to book cheap airline ticket to Mozambique?

To make sure you get the cheap price possible for a airline ticket to Mozambique direct, you should book at least 55 days in advance of your scheduled travel date. The Mozambique tickets price may increase if you delay and leave booking until a week or so before departure.

Which airlines offer Mozambique flights?

• Ethiopian Airlines
• Tap Portugal
• Turkish Airlines
• Kenya Airways

What is the cheap time of year to fly to Mozambique?

The cheap time to come to Mozambique is between June and September. During this time Mozambique goes through the winter period with average temperatures failing to 22 C.  At night the temperature drops below 15 C, making blankets and jackets essential for perfect experience. Even though the skies generally remain clear during this time, there is a little chance that a tropical or a cyclone storm hit the coastal areas at the starting of this winter season. Alternatively, the December to March time is also friendly for the pocket, but the visitors might have to tolerate the monsoon season while roaming through the Mozambique streets.

Getting around Mozambique

Mozambique flights are not just ways to enter the country: There are a number of borders crossing between Mozambique and the neighboring countries of South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Ferries between Malawi and Mozambique make different stops along the shores of Lake Nyasa on a weekly basis.  Coach routes and train travel are also famous for local Mozambique travel. International bus routes are a most cost-friendly way of traveling throughout Southern Africa without booking local cheap flight tickets to Mozambique to various points in Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia.

Once you arrived in Mozambique, travel within the big cities by chapas (minibuses) or machibombo (bus) are common, but these services are only available for little towns.

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