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      Cheap Bus Tickets from Lagos to Accra Online Booking

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Lagos to Accra online now.

      Simply search, compare & book the best offers on cheap bus from Lagos to Accra bus tickets online. One of the top and most amazing cities in Africa is Accra, most populated and capital city of Ghana. Kotoka International Airport is placed in Accra. With its romantic beaches and number of places, Accra, Ghana is a best place to visit. Grab amazing offers on discounted bus tickets from Lagos to Accra tickets online now.

      Bus from Lagos to Accra Tickets Booking, Fares, Routes & Schedules FAQs

      What is the affordable way to get from Lagos to Accra?

      The affordable way to get from Lagos to Accra by bus. Lagos to Accra bus fare $9 and takes 4h 30m.

      Is there a direct airport bus Lagos to Accra?

      Yes, there is a direct bus Lagos to Accra. Services depart every 3 hours, and run every day. The journey takes about 4h 30m.

      How far is it from Lagos to Accra by bus?

      The travel distance bus Lagos to Accra is 202 km.

      Where do I take the Lagos to Accra bus from?

      Cheap bus tickets from Lagos to Accra service, run by intercity STC Coaches.

      Fly or from Lagos to Accra?

      The excellent way to get from Lagos to Accra is to fly which takes forty-four min and costs $30 – $160. Alternatively, you can bus, bus from Accra airport to Kumasi costs $9 and takes 4h 30m.

      How do I move from Lagos to Accra without a car?

      The top way to get from Lagos to Accra without a car is by bus which takes 4h 30m and costs $9.

      Book Bus Tickets from Lagos to Accra Tips

      The National Theater

      Built in cooperation with Chinese contractor. This theater is truly a location to go for watching and admiring African performing arts. It is a must visit location for performing arts lovers. The most wonderful spec of this theater is national symphony Orchestra Ghana that amazingly attracts Bus Lagos to Accra.

      Shia Resource Reserve

      Undoubtedly, the most amazing and closest to nature place is Shia Resource Reserves. It is placed about seventeen kilometers from Accra and set in the center of expensive open and wooden plain grassland. Consisting of extremely attractive and striking range of hills Shai Resource Reserves are citied in a place of approximately 52 km square.

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