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          Cheap Bus Tickets from Mombasa to Busia Online Booking

          Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Mombasa to Busia online now.

          Compare and do cheap bus from Mombasa to Busia bus tickets booking online and travel Mombasa to Busia by road. Busia is a cosmopolitan county that covers a place of 1,630 square kilometres. It is majority dominated by the Luhya and a big population of the Iteso and Luo. The County is headed by Governor Sospeter Ojaamong. Here is the best idea of how to book bus tickets from Mombasa to Busia:

          Bus from Mombasa to Busia Bus Tickets Booking, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

          Is the bus Mombasa to Busia the affordable way to get from Mombasa to Busia?

          The affordable way to get from Mombasa to Busa bus costs $16 – $24 and takes 12h 30m.

          Is there a direct bus between Busia and Mombasa?

          Yes, there is a direct bus from Mombasa. Services depart once daily, and run every day. The journey takes about 12h 30m.

          What is the travel distance of Mombasa and Busia?

          The travel distance of Busia and Mombasa is 795 km.

          What is the quickest way from Mombasa to Busia?

          The quickest way to get from Mombasa to Busia is to drive and fly.  Taking this choice will cost $95 and $290 and takes 4h 30m.

          Where do I take the Mombasa to Busia bus from?

          Mombasa to Busia bus services, run by Modern Coast, depart from Mombasa station.

          Can I drive from Busia and Mombasa?

          Yes, the driving distance between Busia and Mombasa is 942 km. it takes about 13h 55m to drive from Mombasa to Busia.

          Bus Tickets from Mombasa to Busia Tips

          The key economic activity is trade with neighboring Uganda, with Busia Kenya – the county headquarters and biggest town – being a cross border center. Away from the town, the county economy is largely reliant on fish farming in agriculture and Kenya, with millet, cassava, sweet potatoes, beans farming in Kenya, and maize in Kenya being the principal cash crops.

          Busia climate is known as tropical. Busia is a city with an important rainfall. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain.

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