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Here are some of the best attractions of Reunion Island

Le Piton de La Fournaise

Le Piton de La Fournaise is less or more Reunion island pilgrim place as tons of people visit the Island regularly to explore this wonderful attraction of the Indian Ocean. Le Piton de La Fournaise is one of the most dynamic volcanoes of the earth and can be visited by microlight planes or helicopter, but the top way to discover it is the hard way, trekking.


Mafate is one of the 3 popular calderas found at the heart of Reunion Island. The caldera of Mafate is house to a little village of the same name. An extremely uncommon village as it is placed almost two-thousand metres above sea level.


Cilaos is a caldera with mind-blowing wonderful scenery. Its iconic peak, Piton des Neiges, whcih towers over the town at approximately 3070 meters, is hikers paradise. Cilaos is equally popular for its remarkable canyons and waterfalls that host extreme sports activities like rock climbing and canyoning. Do not worry to have some of Cilaos famous products such as lentils or its old-style sugarcane rum when you are in town.

Voile de la Mariee

Voile de La Mairee is a group of extremely high waterfalls that take the appearance of the veils of a bride. Different chutes form this waterfall which end up in a natural pool bordered by sumptuous flora.
You should equally check out these remarkable waterfalls: Niagara Falls, Chaudron Falls, Cascade Blanche, all popular places with height between 500 and 650m. Fleurs Jaunes is a real waterfall, sliding down along a cliff in narrow channel, up to three-hundred meter tall. It is a wonderful canyoing spot.

Saint-Paul Market

This fairly huge market opens on Saturdays and Friday. Considered as the most charming and touristic market on the Island, Saint-Paul market parades stall selling fresh produce as well as those selling handicraft and other charming items.

Cheap Flights to Reunion FAQs

Which day is cheap to fly to Reunion?

The cheap airline ticket to Reunion are generally found when departing on a Wednesday. The departure day with the top cost at present is Saturday.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

At the moments, Reunion flights at midday are likely to provide the top value for your Reunion trip. A flight in the afternoon will more often than not be of top cost.

When is the excellent time to book cheap airline ticket to Reunion?

To make sure you get the affordable price possible for a flight to Reunion direct, you should look to book at least 43 days in advance of your intended travel date. The Reunion tickets price may increase if you delay and leave booking until a week or so before departure.

What is the cheap time of year to fly to Reunion?

December through February is cheap flights to Reunion time for a couple of reason. As soon as the hot month season starts, it brings along the rainy season with it. There are times when the summer sun shines, and the temperature that exceeds 28C but sometimes Reunion experiences cyclones. Presently, the island holds the record of being the rainiest location in the southern hemisphere set during a hurricane in 2016 – so there is forever a chance. The uncertain whether situations during time keeps the hotels empty and to attract business the Reunion flights and hotel prices decrease. If you want to take the chance of having a dream holiday in Reunion at half the cost, come to the Island in December, right after Christmas time.

What are the big international airports in Reunion?

Roland Garros Airport is the initial international airport in Reunion in the town of Saint Marie, which is not far from Saint-Denis, the government capital of the territory. The airport facilities 2.5 million passengers each year and is just seven kilometers downtown Saint-Denis. A taxi takes just fifteen minutes to reach central Saint-Denis from Roland Garros Airport.

Pierrefonds Airport is on the opposite area of the Island from the Roland Garros Airport. Placed near the coastal town of Saint Pierre, the airport served just about 100,000 people last year. Even though the airport is not extensively used there are still some international flights from Mauritius and Madagascar coming to Pierrefonds Airport.

Getting around Reunion

Reunion has more vehicles there are roads on the Island. A single highway circumambulates around the Island, and it is more than sufficient to get people around. The taxis are a bit expensive, and the ride from the airport to your hotel in Saint-Denis can cost approximately €30. The island also has a sound Yellow bus system that can take passengers from location to location.

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