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Cheap ferry from Zanzibar to Pemba Island Online Booking

Reserve your cheap Pemba to Zanzibar ferry tickets online now >>

Ferry Zanzibar to Pemba Island tickets online booking made easy. Zanzibar ferry tickets makes top holidays deals between Pemba and Zanzibar by providing a very comfortable and reliable travel. Visit this island with the people you love the most. This location is definitely best for couples and families seeking a calming gateway that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The various amazing place and scenery in this charming island will definitely bring you relaxation beyond compare. Zanzibar ferries are of between Zanzibar, Pemba and Dar es Salaam, can take two hours to reach Zanzibar from other places. Ferry from Zanzibar to Pemba Island online ticket booking saving you money and time.

Ferry Zanzibar to Pemba Island FAQs

Zanzibar to Pemba ferry schedule

Zanzibar to Pemba ferry schedule subject to change: Depart:  06H45   Arrive:  14H30

Is the Pemba to Zanzibar ferry the affordable way to get to Zanzibar or Pemba Island?

The affordable way to get ferry from Pemba to Zanzibar. Pemba to Zanzibar ferry tickets $55 – $110 and takes 8h 10m.

What is the travel distance of ferry from Zanzibar to Pemba?

The travel distance of Pemba island and Zanzibar is 129 km.

How do I travel from Zanzibar to Pemba island without a personal vehicle?

The excellent way to get from Zanzibar to Pemba island without a personal vehicle is to ferry which takes 8h 5m and Pemba to Zanzibar ferry costs $55 – $110.

How long does it take for Zanzibar to Pemba island ferry travel?

It takes about 46 min to get from Zanzibar to Pemba island, including ferry from Zanzibar to Pemba Island.

With night sailing ferries, you can enjoy great on board Television entertainment and tasty food choice on board. Your ferry cross between Zanzibar and Pemba island. The slow ferries travel out of Zanzibar at noon and from Pemba at night.

You will be assured of a best night sleep too, at extremely relax ensuite cabins. Taking the ferry to Pemba from Zanzibar, as it is all night, those miles will disappear while you are asleep. When you wake up the next morning, you will arrive at Pemba island port.

Ferry from Zanzibar to Pemba Island Tips

When to go Pemba island

Pemba proximity to the equator means that temperatures are quite consistent year-round, averaging a tropical 26.5 C. There are 2 rainy seasons: one lasting from November to December and other from April to June.  The April/May rains are so heavy that many lodges near down during this time. Usually speaking, the excellent time to travel is during the driest season (July to October).  The visibility is top for diving,  humidity is at its lowest and malaria-carrying mosquitoes are less numerous. Anyway, fishermen with a dream of catching billfish should aim to travel between September and March.

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