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Here are some of the best attractions of Kimberley

Cominco Gardens

With a wonderful view of the valley and bordered by natural trees, Cominco Gardens is a five hectare property that boasts over 45,000 flowers yearly and is free to visit.
Placed only few minute walk from downtown, adjacent to the Kimberley Heath Care Centre in Townsite Kimberley’s area,  the gardens are a famous place for a casual or picnic stroll.
Cominco Gardens was actually built to showcase the Elephant Brand Fertilizer which Cominco Mine produced.

Conference Centre

The 24,00 square foot Kimberley Conference center is the biggest meeting facility in the East Kootenay area. Build to host business and social gathering, like meeting, wedding and festival events, further to private parties and corporate meetings, it also houses Kimberley’s Athlete training Centre,  an expert fitness and ski turning facility perfect for competition preparation and housing sporting events.

Marysville Falls

A little, mostly boardwalk path placed just south of Kimberley in Marysville. From the trailhead, it is a simple 10-15 minutes stroll to a viewpoint overlooking the thirty metre waterfall.
Across the street from the trailhead is the Eco park, spec a statue of a westslope cutthroat trout,  the return of this local species to Mark Creek following a big watershed restoration project.

Cheap flights from Johannesburg to Kimberley FAQs

How far is Kimberley to Johannesburg?

The distance of Kimberley flights from Johannesburg is 452 kilometers.

How long is the Johannesburg to Kimberley flights?

The common Johannesburg to Kimberley flight time is an hour and ten minutes.

How common are direct Johannesburg to Kimberley flights?

There are forty-five direct flights from Johannesburg to Kimberley.

What are the most famous Johannesburg airlines for airline ticket from Johannesburg to Kimberley direct flights?

South African Airways offers hundred percent of the non-stop Johannesburg to Kimberley cheap flights.

How many Johannesburg to Kimberley flights depart on average per day?

Travellers can guess fifteen flights from Johannesburg to Kimberley on average per day.

Early morning – twenty-seven percent of flight departures

• Afternoon – forty percent of flight departures

• Evening – seven percent of flight departures

Johannesburg to Kimberley flights tips

• Johannesburg is 283 miles from Kimberley.

• South African Airways has the most nonstop flights between Kimberley and Johannesburg.

• Cape Town, South Africa – Cape Town Intl is the most famous link for one stop flights between Kimberley and Johannesburg.

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