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      Frey’s Coach Online Bus Ticket Booking

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap Frey’s Coach bus tickets online now.

      Frey’s Coach online booking made easy. Frey’s Coach offers transport services which links Tanga and Arusha via Moshi. Same and Mombo. This was the first and key route of the bus company expanding its services to other areas in Tanzania. Frey’s Coach online bus ticket booking saving you money and time.

      Frey’s Coach Online Booking Tanga to Arusha, Bus Tickets, Route & Fare FAQs

      What is the famous routes covered by Freys Coach Service?

      •    Tanga – Arusha via Moshi
      •    Moshi – Babati via Arusha
      •    Tanga – Singida via Moshi

      Freys Coach Timings

      Bus timetables Moshi to Tanga 2020.

      Feiz bus depart Moshi to Tanga around 6:00 am.

      Raqeeb bus service has many buses from Moshi to Tanga departing at 10:00am, 9:00am and 7:00am, etc.

      First Capricon bus depart from Moshi to Tanga around 7:30 am.

      There are other buses run the same route such as Mtei bus, Msawa bus, etc.

      The bus from Shinyanga through Moshi to Tanga is Allis star which cross Moshi in the evening.

      They journey from Moshi to Tanga takes approximately 7-8 hours.

      You can get the bus, the final bus depart moshi around 12:00 pm. Try to check with these bus firms. Freys bus, Kapricon bus, and Tahmeed. Actually Freys bus is the top notch!

      Freys Coach Fleet & Amenities

      Freys coach has quite modern luxury buses with top standard services, previously the firm was using Scania buses with domestic assembled bodies. But now they also have Chinese Yutong buses in their routes.

      Coach promise is to meet customers desires at competitive price,

      Their buses are of Semi Luxury class with on board entertainment, They also offer soft Drinks and bites to their customers for free.

      What is the contact details of Freys Coach buses?

      P.O. Box 6082 Tanga.

      Frey’s Coach Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

      Coach promise is to meet customer’s expectation at competitive price.

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