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       How to Buy a SIM Card in South Africa

      South Africa is a famous travel destination in Africa. There are 4 physical cell providers in South Africa, plus a little number of firms that resell services on those networks, MTN and Vodacom have the sim card South Africa data coverage, mainly outside the cities, the Telkom and Cell C trailing behind. Here’s a guide on how to get a sim card in South Africa:

      How to get a sim card in South Africa FAQs

      Buying a South African SIM card

      You need to make sure that your phone is compatible with a GSM network. If not, you will have to purchase a local phone. The basic affordable phones are reasonably priced. You must also ensure that your phone can be unlocked for international usage. Check with your mobile provider to ensure that this is possible with your contract.

      If you are using a Smartphone, buying a sim card South Africa tourist should be a straight-forward process. SIM cards are sold at different retailers including cell phone shops, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Or you can visit the network provider of your choices official store.

      How to get a sim card when travelling to South Africa

      Verify your sim card

      But buying a sim card South Africa travel is not so straightforward. You need to go via the RICA process to active it. The regulation of interception of Communication and provision of Communication telecommunication regulatory body make sure that there are no fraudulent sim card South Africa activated.

      You will need the following to buy a Prepaid sim card in South Africa:

      •    Valid identification (your National ID card or passport)
      •    Proof of residence (formation verification from a letterhead or a hotel)

      If your accommodation is private, you will need the landlord or your friend to write an affidavit for you,  which confirms you will be staying temporally in the country.

      Which is the excellent mobile network in South Africa?


      Vodacom is the biggest operator in South Africa. The firm is partially owned by Vodafone, which is why you probably see the logo from.

      You can buy Vodacom prepaid sim card South Africa for 5 ZAR in vodacom supermarkets and stores. You can also get it at Tambo airports and Johannesburg, Cape town. Anyway, the prices there can go all the way up to 150 ZAR, which is still affordable matched to many countries around the planet, but a still scam matched to regular Vodacom SIM card prices. Recharge cards are sold from five ZAR to two-hundred ZAR.


      MTN is an operator from South Africa that is active in many parts of the planet, including Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In South Africa, they are Vodacom biggest rival. They have best sim card South Africa data coverage and quick speed. Sometimes, they are quicker than Vodacom.

      MTN SIM care are sold for five ZAR. At the airport, the SIM Card can cost you up to hundred ZAR, so better wait until you are town. MTN recharge cards sold from five ZAR to two-hundred ZAR.

      Cell C

      Cell C is the 3rd biggest operator in South Africa. A few years ago, they were the budget choice because they had the lowest prices. Now, the other operators reduced their price, so the Cell C appeal got lost.

      Cell C has a roaming agreement with MTN, which permit Cell C customers to roam on the MTN network outside of populated places where Cell C does not want to built its own antennas.

      You can obtain a Cell C SIM card for one ZAR in cell C stores.

      South Africa sim card price & travel tips

      Travelers love South Africa. But why is the country so loved?

      The country is house to ten UNESCO World heritage places, from Robben island to Vredefort Dome, and from Khomani Cultural Landscape to Maloti-Drakensburg park.

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