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Mauritius Telecom Data Plan, Bundles, Subscription Codes and prices

Below is the list of every Mauritius Telecom data plans and prices / Mauritius Telecom internet packages / bundles. My.t is the incumbent provider owned by Mauritius telecom with the top coverage and most customers in the country. In October 2017 it rebranded its services and products services from Orange label to the name of my.t. Despite MT no longer using Orange branding, the French telecoms group still owns the bigger part of forty percent stake in the Mauritius operator. Find cheap Mauritius Telecom data bundle prices:

Their prepaid SIM card is sold for hundred MU which contains 87 MUR credit, 250 MB data, 150 local SMS and unlimited Facebook at any my.t or Mauritius telecom shop.

Here is how to get Mauritius Telecom data plans and prices / Mauritius Telecom internet packages / bundles

Mauritius data plans and prices

These data plans in 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE are provided:


Mauritius Telecom Data Included       

Validity Period     

Activation Code  

15 MUR


Mauritius Telecom Daily Data plans: 24 hours


95 MUR

15 GB

Mauritius Telecom Weekly Data plans: 7 days


315 MUR

75 GB

Mauritius Telecom Data plans: 30 days


815 MUR

270 GB

Mauritius Telecom Data plans: 3 months


Mauritius Telecom Internet Speed

Peak Speed:
Average internet browsing speed:

Mauritius Telecom data bundles information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.

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