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      Leo luxury Coach Online Ticket Booking Tanzania

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap Leo luxury Coach bus tickets online now.

      Leo luxury Coach online booking made easy. Leo Luxury coach is a recently emerged intercity bus firm which serve between Dar es Salaam to southern Coast zone. Leo luxury coach risen into power in 2010 when Chinese bus mode leading the East African transport market. So do Leo luxury Coach online ticket booking now!

      Leo luxury Coach Online Booking FAQs

      What are the Leo luxury Coach bus routes and prices?

      •    Dar es Salaam to Lindi
      •    Dar es Salaam to Mtwara
      •    Dar es Salaam to Mwanza
      •    Dar es Salaam to Newala

      Is there WiFi on Leo luxury Coach?

      No, there is no WiFi on leo express. No hesitation, you can use your time on the bus to catch up on some much required sleep. You can download your favorite TV shows, movies, and audiobooks or bring a best book.

      Are there power outlets or USB plugs on Leo luxury Coach?

      No, there are not any power outlets or USB plugs. If accessible, we advise bringing a battery pack to keep your gadgets charged during longer bus rides.  You can also bring a best book to pass the time during your trip.

      Does Leo Express have a toilet on board?

      No, Leo Express buses generally do not have a toilet on board. Do not hesitate, the bus will make stops during your bus tour so that you can stretch your legs, use the toilet and get some snacks.

      What is the contact & office details of Leo luxury Coach & buses?

      Leo luxury Coach

      P . O . Box 13884
      Temeke, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

      Leo luxury Coach Online Ticket Booking Tips

      Leo luxury coach has just Chinese bus model, most of them being Golden Dragon model. Their buses are of semi luxury classes with some of them having air condition services all the way long. Their buses also has on board entertainment as well as bites to their passengers and soft drinks.

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