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      Cheap Bus Tickets from Gaborone to Mahalapye Online Booking

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      Do cheap bus from Gaborone to Mahalapye bus tickets online booking and travel Gaborone to Mahalapye by road. Mahalapye is a town placed in the central district of Botswana. The town has approximately 41,000 locals and is placed among the key road between the capital Gaborone and the second biggest city Francistown. Here is the guide on how to book bus tickets from Gaborone to Mahalapye:

      Bus from Gaborone to Mahalapye Bus Tickets Booking, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

      What is the travel distance of Gaborone to Mahalapye bus?

      The travel distance of bus Gaborone to Mahalapye is 95 km.

      Can I drive from Gaborone to Mahalapye?

      Yes, the driving distance of Gaborone to Mahalapye is 201 km. It takes about 2h 15m to drive from Gaborone to Mahalapye.

      What is the affordable way to travel from Gaborone to Mahalapye?

      The Gaborone to Mahalapye by bus is the most affordable way. Cheap bus tickets from Gaborone to Mahalapye is $50 – $60 and takes 2 hours.

      Bus Tickets from Gaborone to Mahalapye Tips

      Mahalapye has a bus station, a couple of hotels, a railway station and a market area with many fast food restaurants and shops, water shed mall is the new attraction to those travelling from Gaborone to Francistown, remarkable location for refreshments. It also has many petrol stations, some open twenty-four hours per day. Being placed on the edge of the Kalahari desert it is pretty dry, and the domestic waterways are dry, and the domestic waterways are dry except during the rainy season. In recent times, it has become a perfect stop-over town for visitors traveling to and from Gaborone.

      This town is placed on the tropical of Capricorn. Thus at about 13:10 hours on 21 December, or at solar noon on summer solstice, the sun will be straight overhead at this place. To mark this geographic place there is a little monument just outside town on the 23rd parallel, or twenty-three degrees south of the equator.

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