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      Cheap Bus Tickets from Kigali to Kibuye Online Booking

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      Do cheap bus from Kigali to Kibuye bus tickets online booking and travel Kigali to Kibuye by road.  Kibuye is one of the most romantic and relaxing locations in Rwanda, and is a perfect location to enjoy lakeside recreation. A wonderful lakeside resort town, there are sufficient beaches with crystal clear water. Along with new water sports facilities, traditional boasts can be used for amazing nature discovery tours and real experiences with domestic Rwandan daily life. Visitors can take boat rides from many of the domestic hotels visiting Napoleons island and dine at the Amahoro island restaurants and even go night fishing with locals person. Here is the guide on how to book bus tickets from Kigali to Kibuye:

      Bus from Kigali to Kibuye Bus Tickets Booking, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

      What is the travel distance of Kigali to Kibuye bus?

      The travel distance of Kigali to Kibuye bus is eighty km.

      Can I drive from Kigali to Kibuye?

      Yes, the driving distance between Kibuye and Kigali is 134 km. it takes about 2h 5m to drive from Kigali to Kibuye.

      What is the affordable way to travel from Kigali to Kibuye?

      The affordable way to travel from Kigali to Kibuye by bus. Kigali to Kibuye bus fare take 1h 5m and cost $30.

      Bus Kigali to Kibuye Tips

      The plain roads from Kigali and other towns like Cyangugu and Gisenyi makes the town famous with visitors and Rwandans alike, and at the weekends you will find families from elsewhere in Rwanda enjoying the little beaches and swimming in the lake.

      From Kibuye you can take a boat tours on Lake Kivu to closely islands: Napoleon island with its colony of Amahoro island and fruit bats.

      Places to stay

      To the joy of mid-range visitors and backpackers, Kibuye is still quite far off the tourist map. Though Rwanda is becoming pretty luxurious, five star accommodation on offer all through the country, you would not find too much of that in this lakeside retreat. Instead, visitors have the chance to stay guest houses, few upmarket lodges and quaint hotels.


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