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      Cheap Bus Tickets from Lagos to Bauchi Online Booking

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Lagos to Bauchi online now.

      Compare and book the best deals on cheap bus from Lagos to Bauchi bus tickets online and travel Lagos to Bauchi by road. Bauchi, the Bauchi state capital city is in the Northern Nigeria, placed on the northern edge of the Jos Plateau, at an elevation of 616 meters above sea level which is now famous as Bauchi was until 1976 a province in the Northern-Eastern State of Nigeria. The city occupies a full land place of 49,119 km representing approximately 5.3 percent of Nigeria full land mass. Religion is Bauchi is largely Islam. Anyway, the Constitution offers for freedom of religion. The top time to travel to Bauchi is in June as it is neither too cold or warm, the climate is remarkable for travel and would not affected by bad weather. You can visit Bauchi by booking a cheap bus Lagos to Bauchi online now. Here is the guide how you can visit Lagos to Bauchi by bus:

      Bus from Lagos to Bauchi Bus Tickets, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

      What is the affordable way to get from Lagos to Bauchi?

      The affordable way to get bus Lagos to Bauchi which costs $20 to $50 and takes 18h 50m.

      What is the travel distance of bus Lagos to Bauchi?

      The travel distance of Lagos to Bauchi bus is 829 km. The road distance is 1085 km.

      How do I move from Lagos to Bauchi without a personal vehicle?

      The top way to get to Bauchi without a personal vehicle is to train and bus Lagos to Bauchi which takes 26h 50 min and Lagos to Bauchi bus fare, bus service operated by Chisco Transport or ABC Transport.

      How long does it take to get between Bauchi and Lagos?

      It takes about 4h 50m to get from Lagos to Bauchi, adding transfers.

      Can I drive from Lagos to Bauchi?

      Yes, the driving distance between Bauchi and Lagos is 1080 km. It takes about 14h 50m to drive from Lagos to Bauchi.

      Bus Tickets from Lagos to Bauchi Tips

      Most of the travel around the city is done by taxis and cabs which are accessible to take passengers to big points in the city.

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