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      Cheap Bus Tickets from Lagos to Calabar Online Booking

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Lagos to Calabar online now

      Compare and book the best deals on cheap bus from Lagos to Calabar bus tickets online and travel Lagos to Calabar by road. Calabar is the city capital of Cross River state. The real name for Calabar was Akwa Akpa, from the Efik language. It is also known as Canaan city. It is a charming industrious city and as an outcome, many people travel from the city of Lagos to Calabar by bus for a change of pace. Here is the guide how you can book bus tickets from Lagos to Calabar:

      Bus from Lagos to Calabar Bus Tickets Booking, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs FAQs

      Is the Lagos to Calabar bus the affordable way to get to Calabar?

      The affordable way to get from Lagos to Calabar is to bus. Lagos to Calabar bus fare $24 – $26 and takes 10h 50m.

      What is the travel distance of Lagos to Calabar?

      The distance between Lagos to Umuahia bus is 570 km. The road distance is 735 km.

      How do I move from Lagos to Calabar without a personal vehicle?

      The top way to get from Lagos to Calabar without a personal vehicle is bus Lagos to Calabar which takes 10h 50m and costs $24 – $26, bus service operated by Chisco Transport or ABC Transport.

      Fly or bus Lagos to Calabar?

      The top way to get from Lagos to Calabar is to fly which takes 1h 30m and costs $65 – $120. Alternatively, you can book bus Lagos to Calabar, cheap bus tickets from Lagos to Calabar $24 – $26 and takes 10h 50m.

      Can I drive from Lagos to Calabar?

      Yes, the driving distance between Calabar and Lagos is 735 km.

      Bus Tickets from Lagos to Calabar Tips

      The city of Calabar is generally regarded as the tourism capital of Nigeria. Calabar is divided into Calabar South and Calabar Municipal for administrative objectives.

      Calabar is strategically placed by different rivers with access to the South Atlantic Ocean making it best for trade, she boasts of different beaches. Aside from the seaside attractions, the Calabar city has different other visitor attractions.

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