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          Cheap Bus Tickets from Lagos to Zaria Online Booking

          Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Lagos to Zaria online now.

          Compare and book the best deals on cheap bus from Lagos to Zaria bus tickets online and travel Lagos to Zaria by road. Zaria is a big city in Kaduna state in northern Nigeria, as well as being a domestic Government area. Formerly called as Zazzau, it was one of the real 7 Hausa city-states. Today it is if famous for housing Nigeria biggest university, Ahmadu Bello University, as well as being house to a number of prominent Nigerians. Book cheap bus Lagos to Zaria with confidence on

          Bus from Lagos to Zaria Bus Tickets, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

          Is the Lagos to Zaria bus the affordable way to get to Zaria?

          The affordable way to get from Lagos to Zaria is to train and bus which costs $55 – $75 and takes 13h 2m.

          What is the distance between Lagos to Zaria?

          The distance Lagos to Zaria by bus is 703 km. The road distance is 846km.

          How do I move from Lagos to Zaria without a personal vehicle?

          The excellent way to get from Lagos to Zaria without a personal vehicle is bus or train via Abuja which takes 19h 20m and Lagos to Zaria bus fare $55 – $95, bus service operated by ABC Transport.

          How long does it take from Lagos to Zaria by bus?

          It takes about 2h 40m to get from Lagos to Zaria, adding transfers.

          Can I drive by myself or bus Lagos to Zaria?

          Yes, the driving distance to Lagos is 846km. It takes about 11h 10m to drive yourself or you take the bus Lagos to Zaria.

          Bus Tickets from Lagos to Zaria Tips

          Zaria is an old walled town. Mainly founded in about 1536, later in the century it became the capital of Hausa, Zazzau state. Both state and town were named for Queen Zaria (late sixteen century), younger sister and successor of Zazzau ruler Amina Queen. Here you can easily visit by taking bus Lagos to Zaria.

          Time difference between Zaria and Lagos

          The sun rise time difference on the real time difference between Zaria and Lagos is zero hour, seventeen minutes and twenty one seconds.

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