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          Cheap Bus Tickets from Maputo to Nacala Online Booking

          >> Reserve your cheap bus ticket from Maputo to Nacala online now.

          Do cheap bus from Maputo to Nacala bus tickets online booking and travel Maputo to Nacala by road. Nacala, also called as Nacala-Porto or  Cidade de Nacala is placed on the northern Mozambique coast and is the deepest natural port on the East coast of Africa. Here is the guide on how to book bus Maputo to Nacala:

          Bus from Maputo to Nacala Bus Tickets, Route, Schedule & Fare FAQs

          Is the Maputo to Nacala bus the affordable way to get to Nacala?

          The affordable way to get from Maputo to Nacala is to fly and bus which costs $230 – $650 and takes 2h 35m.

          What is the travel distance of bus Maputo to Nacala?

          The travel distance of Maputo to Nacala bus is 1523 km.

          Can I drive from Maputo to Nacala?

          Yes, the driving distance between Nacala and Maputo is 2265. It takes about 32h 40m to drive from Maputo to Nacala.

          Bus Tickets from Maputo to Nacala Tips

          It serves as the terminal for the Railway of Nacala, which is the link to the landlock Malawi.

          There is no limitations on ship movement or size here due to the ports naturally sheltered position and deep water. It is anyway compulsory for the ships to be piloted into the bay for safety.

          Nacala is also famous as a diving gem, this place has not hit the visitor radar as yet, but is the best diving place.

          Visitors will find stalls, souvenirs, shops, and domestic products in Nacala. The restaurants at the lodges and hotels are a culinary delight and there is something to match every taste.

          Activities in Nacala

          This is the best diving holiday for visitors to escape the beatean track. Other activities to do:

          •    Fishing

          •    Snorkelling

          •    Dhow sailing

          •    Walks and hikes

          There is a big range of accommodation choices accessible in the area from hotels to lodges on the beach.

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