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          Cheap Bus Tickets from Maputo to Quelimane Online Booking

          Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Maputo to Quelimane online now.

          Do cheap bus from Maputo to Quelimane bus tickets online booking and travel Luanda to Benguela by road. Quelimane is a seaport in Mozambique. It is the managerial capital of Zambezia province, and the province biggest city, and stands twenty-five kilometers from the mouth of the Rio dos Bons Sinais. The river was named when Vasco da Gama, on his way  to India, reached it and saw “good signs” that he was on the correct path. Here is the guide on how to book bus tickets from Maputo to Quelimane:

          Bus from Maputo to Quelimane Bus Tickets Booking, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

          What is the Maputo to Quelimane bus the affordable way to get to Quelimane?

          The affordable way to get from Maputo to Quelimane by bus. Cheap bus tickets from Maputo to Quelimane $28 – $32 and takes 23h.

          Is there a direct bus from Quelimane to Maputo?

          Yes, there is a direct Maputo to Quelimane bus. Services depart once daily, and run five business day. The journey takes about 23h.

          What is the travel distance of bus Maputo to Quelimane?

          The travel distance of Quelimane and Maputo is 1003 km.

          How do I move from Maputo to Quelimane without a personal vehicle?

          The top way to get to Quelimane without a personal vehicle is to bus from Quelimane to Maputo which takes 23h and costs $30 – $32.

          Fly or bus Maputo to Quelimane?

          The top way to get from Maputo to Quelimane is to fly which takes 1h 59m and costs $190 – $490. Alternatively, you can take bus, which costs $29 – $32 and takes 23h.

          Bus Tickets from Maputo to Quelimane Tips

          The town was the final point of David Livingstone west-to-east crossing of South-central Africa in 1856. Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique, and many locals of the areas surrounding Quelimane speak Portuguese. The most general local language is Chuabo. Quelimane, along with much of province of Zambezia, is extremely prone to floods during Mozambique raining season. The most recent bout of severe flooding took place in 2007 January.

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