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      Peace Mass Transit Online Bus Ticket Booking

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap Peace Mass Transit bus tickets online now.

      Peace Mass Transit online booking made easy. Peace Mass Transit Ltd was formed in the year 1995 to offer commuter services to the common public within Enugu, Nsukka, and Onitsha areas. PMT primarily acquired buses from Foton International of China. As at today, PM acquires its Human buses from Toyota Nig. Ltd, while some other buses range are acquired from outside the country. Peace Mass Transit online bus ticket booking saving you money and time.

      Peace Mass Transit Online Booking, Bus Tickets, Route, Schedule & Fare FAQs

      What is the routes and price list covered by Peace Mass transit buses service?

      From Port Harcourt to:

      •    Port Harcourt to Calabar – N2,000
      •    Port Harcourt to Enugu – N,1560
      •    Port Harcourt to Onitsha – N1,310
      •    Port Harcourt to Warri – N1,560
      •    Port Harcourt to Owerri – N810
      •    Port Harcourt to Awka – N1,460

      From Owerri to:

      •    Owerri to Uyo – N1,410
      •    Owerri to Ontisha – N660
      •    Owerri to Calabar – N1,960
      •    Owerri to PHC – N1,800
      •    Owerri to Warri – N1,960
      •    Owerri to Enugu – N1,060

      From Calabar to:

      •    Calabar to Owerri – N1,900
      •    Calabar to Engu – N2,100
      •    Calabar to PHC – N2,000
      •    Calabar to Umuahia – N1,600
      •    Calabar to Warri – N3,700

      From Uyo to

      •    Uyo to Enugu – N1,650
      •    Uyo to Warri – N2,650
      •    Uyo to PHC – N1,250
      •    Uyo to Owerri – N1,400
      •    Uyo to Calabar – N800
      •    Uyo to Umuahia – N950

      From Warri to:

      •    Warri to Awka – N,1250
      •    Warri to Umuahia – N2,050
      •    Warri to PHC – N,1550
      •    Warri to Owerri – N1,950
      •    Warri to Calabar – N3,650

      Peace Mass Transit Fleets

      All peace mass transit buses are air conditioned and spacious. Some are fitted with tinted windows and drapes to save from the harsh rays of the sun. subtle music is played to relax the passengers on their perfect journey. Peace Mass transit buses are equipped with a speed limiter to make sure that drivers do not exceed 120km/hour.

      What is the contact details of Peace Mass Transit buses service?

      Peace Mass Transit Head Office
      Okpara Avenue Enugu, Nigeria

      Peace Mass Transit Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

      Peace Mass Transit offers courier services to both non-passengers and passengers of Peace Mass Transit. The courier office of Peace Mass Transit is placed in Enugu.

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