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      Cheap Bus Tickets from Accra to Sunyani Online Booking

      >> Reserve your cheap bus ticket from Accra to Sunyani online now.

      Do cheap bus from Accra to Sunyani  bus tickets online booking and travel Accra to Sunyani by road. Sunyani is a capital town and city of the Brong-Ahafo region and the Sunyani Municipal of Ghana. Sunyani had a population of 248,495 at the 2012 Census. Here is the guide on how to book bus tickets from Accra to Sunyani:

      Bus from Accra to Sunyani  Bus Tickets Booking, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

      Is the Accra to Sunyani bus the affordable way to get to Sunyani?

      The affordable way to get from Accra to Sunyani by bus. Cheap bus tickets from Accra to Sunyani $30 – $50 and takes 5h 30m.

      What is the travel distance of bus Accra to Sunyani?

      The travel distance of Accra to Sunyani bus is 308 km.

      Can I drive from Accra to Sunyani?

      Yes, the driving distance of Sunyani and Accra is 372 km. it takes about 5h 30m to drive from Accra to Sunyani.

      What is the quickest way to get from Accra to Sunyani?

      The fastest way to get from Accra to Sunyani is to fly and drive. Accra to Sunyani bus fare $35 – $95 and takes 2h 50m.

      Bus from Accra to Sunyani Tips

      The city consist largely of the Ahafos by tribe. History Sunyani is surrounded by the foretasted Ashanti Southern uplands.

      The City of Sunayni rose as an outpost camp for elephant hunters during the nineteen century,  its name derive from the Akan word for elephant, Osono. In 1924, the colonial administration designated Sunyani as a district headquarters.

      Following the construction of a road linking Sunyani and the Kumasi city, Sunyani became a vital hub for the distribution of kola nuts, cocoa, and staple foods such as yams and maize. Today Sunyani is house to the Brong-Ahafo regional government and high court. Although considerably little than Kumasi, Sunyani is growing quickly and has effectually engulfed the Suburbs of Abesium and Fiapre, among others. Sunyani is a well maintained and clean city with an amazing economy.

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