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Book cheap flights from Kampala to Kigali online and save money on airfare. Kigali is the Rwanda capital city, roughly in the middle of the country. It sprawls across numerous valleys, hills and ridges, and a dynamic restaurant and nightlife scene. Visit Kigali through great offers on airline ticket from Kampala to Kigali and fly Kampala to Kigali flights cheap.

Here are some of the best attractions of Kigali

Kimironko market

Kimironko market is one of the biggest and best. Used clothing, vegetables and fruit, fabric, fish and baskets are all sold in this covered complex. Spend some time haggling for avocados before purchasing gifts for every person on your list – Agaseke baskets are charming, special to Rwanda, and sold by the dozen at Kimironko.

Amahoro Stadium

Placed in the Remera neighborhood, Amahoro is the biggest stadium in Rwanda with a capability of 30,000. Football matches are held there regularly, as Rwandans from all over Kigali come to support their teams. The most famous teams of Kigali are Armee Patriotique Rwandaise FC and Police FC, with league champions Rayon Sports FC based in Nyanza, the southern Rwanda province. Games are a reliably loud, rowdy and fun affair.

Drink Coffee

Rwanda produces some of the top coffee in the planet. Accessible everywhere from Starbucks to Costco, trying Coffee while in the real country in an absolute must. Question Coffee, a  roastery and cafe attached to Sustainable Harvest, makes some of the top cups in the city. Also, check out Inzora Rooftop cafe as another coffee shop choice.

Cheap flights from Kampala to Kigali FAQs

How long does the flights from Kampala to Kigali take?

A Kampala to Kigali direct flights takes up to one hour, covering a distance of 212 kilometers.

How many Kampala to Kigali flights depart on average per day?

Ten flights departures from Kampala to Kigali on average per day.

• Early morning – thirty percent of flight departures

• Afternoon – sixty percent of flight departures

• Evening  – ten percent of flight departures

How many airlines operate Kampala to Kigali flights direct?

There are one airline that provide direct flights from Kampala to Kigali.

What is the most famous airline ticket from Kampala to Kigali?

The most famous airline from Kampala to Kigali is Rwand Air.

Kampala to Kigali flights tips

• The quickest Kampala to Kigali flight time is forty minutes. The average flight time is forty-seven minutes.

• The earliest flight of the day departs at 06:50. The last flight of the day departs at 06:45.

• The flight distance between Kampala and Kigali is 349 km.

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