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Book cheap flights to Madagascar online and save money on airfare. Madagascar is an Island country placed in the Indian Ocean and was previously named as the “Republic of Malagasy”. It is the 4th biggest Island in the planet and is a big habitat for a majority of wildlife species that are not found anywhere else in the planet. The capital and the biggest city of Madagascar is Antananari. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket to Madagascar through great offers on Madagascar flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the best attractions of Madagascar

Ranomafana National Park

This park is one of the country’s most famous parks known for its natural habitat and draws big numbers of visitors every year. Placed across the village of Ronamafana, the park houses densely forested islands accompanied by natural water minerals streams studded by golden lemurs and lizards. Visitors generally brings pairs of strong shoes and backpacks to hike along the long expanse of trekking tracks that meander via  huge waterfalls.

Nosy Be

Placed offshore close to the Indian Ocean waters, Nosy Be is one of the premium visitors spots in Madagascar boasting some trademark beaches of the country. The little fishing villages, turquoise waters and swaying jumbles of palm trees along the charming bays provide a wonderful holiday spot. Nosy Be is acclaimed for its terrific seafood standard and harmonious tropical beach parties that explode every weekend in the nearby native villages.

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Laying in the southern part in Madagascar’s largest natural reserve, the place is a World Heritage site and specs a dense stretch of mangrove forests. Alongside this green belt of natural woods, there is a limestone plateau and high grounds over the verdant hills. The park is inhabited by various species of baboons that roam freely and also get-together with the visiting groups.

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

This park is a famous day trip away from the capital and is one of the most accessible parks within the Madagascar. It houses the biggest species of lemur and depicts the superb biodiversity in general. The park is divided into 2 subdivisions each one of them showcasing special reserve regions for various forest wildlife breeds.

Cheap flights to Madagascar FAQs

When is the cheap time to visit Madagascar?

Cheap holidays are best benefit during the wet, warm season in Madagascar. From the late November till the end days of March, the hospitality and travel industry in Madagascar experiences a gradual fall in Madagascar flights and hotel prices.

Which airline provides the cheap Madagascar flights?

Of all the airlines fly to Madagascar, Kenya Airways is one of the most cheap airline. It provides affordable airfares to travellers buying tickets with their airline. For its competitive Madagascar tickets price, Kenya Airways provide standard amenities and best experience on par with big international airlines.

Which day is cheap to fly to Madagascar?

The affordable day to fly to Madagascar is generally Wednesday. At the moment, Saturday is the most expensive.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

Flights to Madagascar can be made affordable if you pick a flight in the afternoon. Booking cheap flights to Madagascar midday will likely mean higher prices.

When is the excellent time to book cheap airline ticket to Madagascar?

The price you pay for your cheap airline ticket to Madagascar may change depending on when you book. For the best chance of a Madagascar flight deals, look to book fifty days in advance of your trip. Fares are likely to raise a fortnight so before your departure date.

What are the big airports in Madagascar?

•  Fascene Airport – Nosy Be
•  Ivato International Airport – Antananarivo
•  Morondava Airport – Morondava
•  Toliara Airport – Toliara
•  Sainte Marie Airport – Sainte Marie

Which airlines fly to Madagascar?

•  Ethiopian Airlines
•  Air Mauritius
•  Kenya Airways
•  Turkish Airlines
•  KLM/ Air France
•  Air Madagascar
•  Airlink

Which airline operate Madagascar flights direct?

As there are currently no airlines operating flights to Madagascar direct, it remains among one of those places that can only be reached by relating flights. Indirect routes connect Madagascar with Nairobi, Mauritius Island, and Johannesburg.

Getting around Madagascar

Island hopping is simple with the country’s national carrier Air Madagascar. You can also book a private aircraft and have the plane all to yourself.

Renting a car is easy and available at affordable price. In Madagascar, most visitors hire a car and driver or a taxi. In order to rent a vehicle, you need to obtain an international drivers permit.

Adventurous travellers can rent a moped, bicycle or motorcycle and explore the Islands rainforests, white sand beaches and hillsides.
The domestic hospitality industry utilizes professional manpower to facilitate visitors with both long and short-distance transportation services and guided trips. The efficient management of visitors underlines the experience of the hotels employed in the business. Despite new infrastructure, the romantic and natural effect is maintained. A steady increase in visitors arrivals and full patronage has achieved  the most attractive results.

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