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Here are some of the best attractions of Mauritius


The 7th colored earths are an extremely unique natural phenomena. The wavy ground of the 7 Colored Earths shimmers in different shades and is a famous photo subject. The colors truly come out in the later afternoon when the sun is low in the sky.
On the way to 6 colored earths, you will also pass the Chamarel waterfall. The waterfall is pretty narrow, but drops down more than ninety meters. You have to pay an admission fee at the entrance for the full Chamarel plain.

Flic en Flac

Placed fully to the west of the island, Flic en Flac is a little visitors coastal village. The west of the island, actually, is the hottest area of the island and this coincides with the presence of one of the most charming beaches of Mauritius, the beach of Flic en Flac.

Port Louis

The Port Louis Market is definitely a famous attraction in Mauritius, anyway, visitors tend to visit just a little part of it.

The key attraction of Port Louis is its popular colorful market. Sometimes known as “bazaar” for the active environment reigning there, the market is a location not be missed in Mauritius. It has everything from exotic fruits to the top souvenirs of the island, traditional Mauritian clothing and the popular street food like Gateau Pimnet and Dholl Puri.

South of Port Louis is the colonial house Eureka. British persons used to reside here, and today, the well-preserved mansion houses museum that provides you a remarkable insight into the life of the privileged people of the time.

Le Morne and Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant is a 555-meter high mountain in the great southwest of the island. The mountain is one of 2 World Heritage places in Mauritius.

The beach of Le Morne, which is perhaps even the most charming beach in Mauritius, is also value viewing.

Cheap flights to Mauritius FAQs

Which airlines operate cheap airline ticket to Mauritius?

Emirates, British Airways, Lufthansa and Air France all provide cheap airline ticket to Mauritius although generally the price does not change between them. When you are looking for a cheap flights to Mauritius it is value matching a couple of airlines together to view who will provide you the top value for money. British Airways provide complimentary beverages and snacks onboard their flights which can include more value to your Mauritius tickets price than another airline for example. Emirates, anyway, provide very top standards of calm and service so ultimately it comes down to your own preference and who provides the cheap flight tickets to Mauritius.

What is the affordable month for Mauritius flights?

Although Mauritius is always open for business, the affordable time to come to Mauritius is in the month of May.  This is flights to Mauritius time when most visitors are gearing up to visit the Island nation, waiting for the summer break to begin. Be the early bird and fly to Mauritius before the mob of visitors starts to pack their bags. This way the beaches would be empty and the Mauritius flights and hotel price would be super low. This could become the dream holiday that would not set your bank account on fire.

Best time to fly to Mauritius

Book Mauritius flights for the winter holidays to celebrate in a relaxing fresh way.

Peak season
Most visitors book cheap flight tickets to Mauritius Port Louis between May and November because of the hot temperatures and deficiency of humidity. Divers and snorkelers especially love this time of year for the hot, chill waters and best underwater situations.

Off-peak season
Luckily, even Mauritius off season is reliably wonderful. Despite the rare cyclone each day on the island is another day in paradise. It is difficult to book Air Mauritius Mauritius cheap flights with much strategy in avoiding the cyclones, since they are so infrequent and few.

What are the big international airports in Mauritius?

Mauritius has 2 big international airports. The airports and their details are as follows:

•  Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport is a little international airport in Plaine Corail. The airport is placed on another island of Mauritius, known as Rodriguez. The airport is just twelve kilometres from Port Mathurin, which serves as the capital of the dependency. Gaetan Duval Airport serves approximately 50,000 passengers yearly.

• Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is the central airport for Mauritius and most flights from the UK land at this airport. The airport handled 3.8 million passengers, most of them visitors, in 2018. The airport is placed in Plaine Magnien, but it predominately serves Port Louis, the Mauritius capital, which is on the other side of the island. The distance from the Port Louis airport is fifty kilometers.

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