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      Cheap Boat to Mafia Island Online Booking, Tanzania

      Reserve your cheap Mafia Island ferry tickets online now >>

      Ferry to Mafia Island Tanzania tickets online booking made easy. Dar es Salaam to Mafia Island ferry costing 16,000 TSH (roughly $8 one way). It is not uncommon for the Mafia Island to Zanzibar ferry to be grounded for repair and although there are little private boat to Mafia Island that do the crossing, if it is not suggestive to take these as they have no safety measures on board.

      Ferry to Mafia Island Tanzania FAQs

      Dar es Salaam to Mafia Island ferry

      The boat to Mafia Island Tanzania leaves from mainland at Nyamasati. You can catch a bus here from Dar Salaam Bagala bus station. The bus takes about four hours and leaves regularly all through the day. The last bus is at around 5pm, but it is the top to leave by 2pm.

      Mafia Island to Zanzibar ferry

      The Mafia Island to Zanzibar ferry leaves Nyamasati ferry dock at 3am in the morning every day. Ferry Mafia Island Zanzibar can be bought when you arrive at the ferry dock.

      There is a guest house in the village or you can wait overnight at the ferry dock.

      The Mafia Island to Zanzibar ferry ride can be quite bumpy and is not most relax so is a little adventurous. Do not guess to be getting much sleep. It generally take four hours but like most things in Tanzania delays are common.

      Mafia Island to Zanzibar Ferry FAQs

      Getting around

      Mafia island is very little. If you are staying in Kilindoni, everything is within walking area. In the center is the key road and a mark. From here, the airport is five minutes, the port five minutes for Mafia Island ferry schedule and a swimmable beach fifteen minutes, with all bars and restaurants sat in between.

      To travel to the marine park, on the other side of the island, it takes half an hour and you will need a taxi, although if you do a trip a transfer will be added. Most of the accommodation on the Mafia island will also pick up you from the airport if you ask.

      There are Tuk-Tuks on the island this is the most general way to get around. A ten minute tuk-tuk ride is generally in the area of 5,000TSH. If you ever need to order a tuk-tok or taxi, just ask your hotel welcome or hail one from the street.

      Diving and snorkeling

      For lovers of diving Mafia provides charming corals, a best range of fish, including many species of ocean, and a relaxed uncrowned atmosphere. To get some dive sites are often used engine-powered dhow. In Chole Bay, there are many amazing points where can swim all year round, while outside of the bay there are many amazing locations to dive season. The top month is generally October, the worst are May and April, in June, everything is closed.

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