Electric Sofia air taxi booking app

Electric Sofia air taxi booking app service will enable users to book electric flying taxi in Sofia. Autonomous air taxis in Sofia makes possible to travel cheap and fast in Bulgaria. The city of Sofia is a pleasure to the eyes for all adventures going on tours to Bulgaria and is a paradise for those who love taking images of wonderful structures and wide-open areas. If you are going to visit this charming metropolis, provide yourself sufficient time to just wander its remarkable streets, neighborhoods, and squares to take in and appreciate the fine architecture of its most celebrated landmarks. Walking along the Vitosha Boulevard and immerse yourself in the city’s changing stylish culture and enjoy views of the beautiful Vitosha mountain. The Bulgarian capital is definitely a worthwhile stop for any visitors. As with so many other things you will be able to make anytime and anywhere drone air taxi in Sofia online booking for your electric air taxi flight.

Here are some of the best advantages of electric flying taxi in Sofia, Bulgaria

Are electric air taxis in Sofia and helicopters same?

Although electric flying taxis in Sofia and helicopters are pretty different with regards to the travel speed and flight range, they are extremely similar in terms of their vertical takeoff and landing, scheduling, operations and infrastructure needs, such as the presence of helipads for VTOL procedures.

What is the speed of electric flying taxi in Sofia ?

The air taxis in Sofia will have 5 seats and a cruising speed of 290kph, and can fly an altitude of 1,000 – 2,000. It is little, electric run rotors make it less noisy than a combustion-engine helicopter, which will permit it to fly over cities with low tolerance for noise pollution without any problems.

Are electric air taxis in Sofia safe?

So, it is safer to fly an air-taxi certified plane? The little answer is, yes. Extra safety measures undergo by flying taxis in Sofia operators regulated under part 135 offer customer with more reliable way to hire a private aircraft.

How much will an electric flying taxis in Sofia cost?

Initially, air taxis in Sofia will cost approximately $5.73 per passenger mile. The fare will then plummet to $1.85 per passenger mile before finally hitting the customer amazing rate of $0.44 per mile. You can easily book air taxi through electric flying taxis in Sofia app.

Advantages of electric Sofia air taxi booking app

Among its other advantages, drone taxi in Sofia online booking could provide a economic boom by rising the number of people heading for recreation and tourism places that are not near big airports.

Would air taxi in Sofia online booking app be used to book a electric air taxi flight?

Yes, customers can seamlessly use online electric Sofia air taxi booking app to find the best route and book a flying taxi in Sofia flight anytime and anywhere.
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