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G. Agofure Motors Online Bus Ticket Booking

Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap G. Agofure Motors bus tickets online now.

G. Agofure Motors online booking made easy. Agofure Motors motors, sometimes called as GAM is a Nigerian owned inter-state and intercity motor transport firm. The Agofure motors is one of the best transport firms in Nigeria, which prides itself as an international standard motor transport firm. So do G. Agofure Motors online bus ticket booking now!

G. Agofure Motors Online Booking, Fare, Schedule & Route FAQs

What are the G. Agofure motors routes and prices?

From Port-Harcourt TO  

Onitsha    1,310
Enugu    1,560
Calabar    2,000
Owerri    810
Warri    1,560
Awka    1,460
From Owerri TO
Onitsha    660
Uyo    1,410

G. Agofure Motors fleet

G. Agofure Motors motors make use of a big range of buses, including;

Scania irizar: This luxurious bus specs air conditioning, extra outlets, power outlets. The bus has a passenger capacity of fifty-nine. It is used for long-distance tours.

Scania Marcopolo: This luxurious bus specs air conditioning, power outlets, extra outlets.

Toyota Hiace: This bus specs air conditioning. The bus has a passenger capacity of fifteen

Toyota coaster: This bus specs air conditioning. It has passenger capacity of fifteen.

G. Agofure Motors other services


G. Agofure Motors Motors also offers its customers with commercial warehousing services for storage of goods. This service is subscribed to by importer, manufactures, and exporters wholesalers and similar transport business owners.


G. Agofure motors also offers haulage services for many individuals and businesses looking to transport a big number of materials and goods within Nigeria.

Courier services

The firm also offers courier services for firms and individuals who are looking to transport any items in many shapes and sizes. Items are moved and delivered safety to many cities all across Nigeria.

G. Agofure Motors Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

Nonetheless, the Agofure Motors seek to offer the top services to their customers and make sure that enjoy travel by road.

Agofure Motors motors seek to offer top-class comfort to visitors who would otherwise use air services and are accustomed to a many level of comfort. The head office of this company is placed at 154/158 P.T.I Road, Effurun, Warri, Delta.

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