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      How to Buy a SIM Card in Uganda

      If you visit Uganda and happen to have a network selection problem, then do not worry. The following is a little guideline which will help you pick your sim card in Uganda. Here’s a guide on how to get a sim card in Uganda:

      How to get a sim card in Uganda FAQs

      Where can i get a sim card in Uganda?

      Best SIM card in Uganda

      If you want to buying sim card in Uganda, I would advise going with either Airtel or MTN. MTN has the top network in Uganda, but they are also the most costly. Airtel network is best, and they are pretty affordable than MTN.

      Sim card registration in Uganda

      Like most nations in East Africa, and Africa in general, you have to register yourself when buying sim card in Uganda.

      In 2017 the administration via the Uganda Communications commission has ordered all providers and their users to re-register all SIM cards in Uganda. The deadline was later  moved to May 2017 and then to 2018 and led to a short-term halt selling SIM cards in the country. Operators have been suggested by UCC to cease the sale of SIM cards via street vendors, hawkers, street agents and other establishments that are not licensed by KCCA or other town and municipal authorities.

      Which is the best mobile network in Uganda?


      MTN is the biggest operator in Uganda. They have a market share of roughly fifty percent, making them a very famous operator. MTN also has the top coverage all through the country, which is one of the reasons why they so famous.

      MTN new sim card in Uganda can be purchased for two-thousand UGX, in MTN stores, from different other sellers and at Entebbe Airport. The SIM card comes with five-hundred UGX in credit.


      Airtel is the second biggest operator in Uganda. With a market share of near to forty percent, Airtel is MTN biggest rival. Although Airtel coverage is not as extensive as the one of MTN, their coverage is still best, so are their speeds.

      Airtel MTN cards can be bought in Airtel stores and other stores for two-thousand UGX. Just like with MTN, and all other Ugandan operators, there are lots of data packs you can pick from, starting from one hour to a complete year.

      UT Mobile

      Uganda Telecom, also known as UT mobile, used to be a nationalized provider, but it has since been privatized. They only have 3G and 2G networks. Uganda Telecom has plans to launch LTE/4G one day, but that could take a while. You can buy new sim card in Uganda at telecom stores.


      Lycamobile is the newest telecom player in Uganda market. They started in January 2020 as a Tangerine MVNO. Lycamobile has been taking Uganda by storm for the reason that they offer low prices, for Ugandan standards, for the plans they provide.

      Lycamobile SIM cards can be obtained at telecom stores with best lycamobile sim card price in Uganda. As they are still fairly new, there are not lots of lycamobile outlets yet, but they plan starting up more stores in the future.

      Where to buy your prepared SIM card

      •    For Airtel and MTN Uganda, most sales points are in the cities of Jinja and Kamapala.
      •    Each network service provider has sales points locally.

      Airtime recharge in Uganda

      •    There has been a debate on airtime recharge in Uganda between the use of scratch cards and digital recharge.
      •    Eventually, both techniques were accepted and therefore you can feel secure recharging your time using either way.

      Social media tax

      •    Do not shocked if you are charged more for using social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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