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      Emtel Mauritius Data Plan, Bundles, Subscription Codes and prices

      Here is the list of every Emtel Mauritius data plans and prices / Emtel Mauritius internet packages / bundles. Emtel is the second provider in Mauritus. Its 3G plan is equal to my.t, but its 4G/LTE is not a widespread. Their rates are pretty lower than my.ts. Find cheap Emtel Mauritius data bundle prices:

      Their regular prepaid SIM card costs hundred MUR including 87 MUR credit. It contains 300 MB data for seven days, 250 local SMS for ninety days and unlimited Facebook for seven days.

      Here is how to get Emtel Mauritius data plans and prices / Emtel Mauritius internet packages / bundles

      Emtel Mauiritus data plans and prices

      There are no extra data without an add-on. But free Facebook use in added in all prepaid plans. This does not apply to their VoIP feature. These plans on 2G, 3G and LTE/4G are offered:

      Emtel Mauritius Data Plan Price    





      10 MUR

      55 MB

      55 SMS

      Emtel Mauritius Daily Data plans: 1 day

      Sub Daily

      15 MUR

      50 MB

      night: 50 MB

      Sub Plat50MB

      19 MUR

      300 MB

      Sub UL Day

      51 MUR

      1 GB

      Sub UL Daily

      49 MUR

      325 MB

      325 SMS

      Emtel Mauritius Weekly Data plans: 7 days

      Sub Weekly

      65 MUR

      250 MB

      night: 250 MB

      Sub Plat250MB

      99 MUR

      1 GB

      500 SMS

      Sub Weekly1GB

      165 MUR

      750 MB

      night: 750 MB

      Sub Plat750MB

      249 MUR

      1 GB

      Emtel Mauritius Monthly Data plans: 30 days

      Sub 1GB

      299 MUR

      2.5 GB

      Sub UL

      319 MUR

      300 MB/day

      Sub ULMON

      335 MUR

      1 GB

      night: 1 GB

      Sub Plat1GB

      449 MUR

      5 GB

      Sub 5GB

      535 MUR

      2 GB

      night: 2 GB

      Sub Plat2GB

      649 MUR

      8 GB

      Sub 8GB

      735 MUR

      3 GB

      night: 3 GB

      Sub Plat3GB

      949 MUR

      50 GB

      SUB 50GB

      Emtel Mauritius Internet Speed

      Peak Speed:
      Average internet browsing speed:

      Emtel Mauritius data bundles information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.

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