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      Kobs Coach Online Bus Ticket Booking

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap Imani Coach bus tickets online now.

      Kobs Coach online booking made easy. Kobs Coach is a Morogoro based bus firm which offer daily intercity passenger transfer services from Morogoro areas to Dar es Salaam city. They are in the transport industry for more than ten years and they have achieved to build a powerful brand among visitors. So do Kobs Coach online bus ticket booking now!

      Kobs Coach Online Booking FAQs

      What are the Kobs Coach bus routes and prices?

      •    Kilosa to Dar es Salaam
      •    Ifakara to dar es salaam via Msawvu
      •    Mahenge to Dar es Salaam
      •    Manghula to dar es Salaam
      •    Kilombero to Dar es Salaam

      Kobs Coach service line

      The firm is famous for providing daily passenger transfer services from different parties of Morogoro areas to the business city of Dar es Salaam. They have daily link between Kilombero, Kilosa, Ifakara and Mahenge towns to Dar es Salaam.

      The firm also offer parcel transfer services between those places at an affordable prices. All parcels are posted at their offices or in the terminal by getting in touch with their servants. Booking of tickets can be made at their offices placed in all terminals or by contacting their agents who can support you to make a booking of your tickets.

      What is the contact & office details of Kobs Coach buses?

      Kobs Coach CO. LTD, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

      Kobs Coach Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

      The firm established as a local transport provider within Morogoro area before they have expanded their services to inter areas business. It is one among the best firms for Kilosa, Mahenge and Kilombero routes from the business city of Dar es Salaam.

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