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Find and compare cheap Mauritius holiday packages from Dubai online with packages. Mauritius is an ethereal land which satisfies many travellers with varied interests. Irrespective of your travel options, the amazing places in Mauritius will have something or the other to offer to you. Here are some locations to visit in Mauritius with Mauritius tour packages from Dubai that you should not miss!

Here are some of the best Mauritius holiday packages from Dubai places to visit:

Black River Gorges National Park

A national park stretching over 6575 hectares of amazing native wildlife and forests, covering 3.5 percent of Mauritius land area and including a big range of ecosystems. This dense forest is house to over 300 species of flowering plants. Want to spot one of the rarest birds in the planet? Then the national park is your top bet since it is the habitat of the pink pigeon, a bird rife to Mauritius, which nearly reached extinction.  For visitors loving immense outdoors, black river gorges is a perfect location to let yourself be carried away by its set of wonderful views of the island landscape, including peaks, gorges, vistas, and waterfalls.


Chamarel is a little village placed in the Savanne district. Chamarel attracts much since you will have the chance to visit the charming locations in its vicinity. The highest waterfall in Mauritius at hundred metres and the seven-coloured earths. The Chamarel falls as remarkable as waterfall as you will find anywhere and makes up a best spot. Climbing the stairs to the viewing platform reveals an awe amazing view as it hits the pool hundred metres below. The “Seven coloured Earth”, made up of sand dunes of different distinct colours including browns, reds, and purple will impress more than one. So book your Mauritius packages from Dubai today.

Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital city and key port of Mauritius, Port Louis was constructed in the 1735 year by the noted French governor, Mahe de Labourdonnais. Today port Louis is the largest city in Mauritius.

Port Louis is bordered by a mountain range, known as Port Louis Moka range which makes it value watching. Mauritius capital Port Louis port has conserved many colonial and historic buildings through the year. One of them is a fortification named La Citadelle or Fort Adelaide, built by the British in 1835. So book your Mauritius tour packages from Dubai today.

Iles Aux Cerfs

A big outer isle of Mauritius, lles Aux Cerfs is placed off its East Coast, with amazing white sandy beaches, waters of all shades of blue and palm tree. It remains one of key attraction of the island with travel packages from Dubai to Mauritius. There, the, the picture postcard blue lagoon will make you feel as if you just arrived on as a jewels island.

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