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      Cheap Bus Tickets from Ghana to Benin Online Booking

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Ghana to Benin online now.

      Do cheap bus from Ghana to Benin bus online booking and save time and money. Benin is a little town placed in the continent of Africa. But it has a lot to provide to its visitors and would not send its visitors back unhappy. Here are some of the best places to visit in Benin and the guide on how to book bus tickets from Ghana to Benin:

      Bus from Ghana to Benin Bus Tickets, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

      Is the Ghana to Benin bus the affordable way to get to Benin?

      The affordable way to get from Ghana to Benin by bus. Cheap bus tickets from Ghana to Benin $30 – $45 and takes 5h 20m.

      What is the travel distance of bus Ghana to Benin?

      The travel distance of Ghana to Benin bus is 403 km.

      How do I move from Ghana to Benin without a personal vehicle?

      The top way to get from Ghana to Benin without a personal vehicle is to bus. Ghana to Benin bus fare $30  – $40 and takes 5h 20m.

      Can I drive from Ghana to Benin?

      Yes, the driving distance Benin and Ghana is 343 km.

      Book Bus Tickets from Ghana to Benin Tips

      Benin has natural beauty close by itself from all sides. From a host of natural reserves to charming palm trees, Benin is a location that you have to view at least once. Wildlife, beaches, and culture, Benin is an adventure and you will be excited by the remarkable locations.


      A combination of French and Portuguese culture, Oiudah is a mixture that you will love to view. The location has  a lot of history to explore and if you are done by viewing the history, then you can take pleasure in the beaches that this location has. Ouidah has a story of African history and people love visiting this location.

      Porto Novo

      Porto Nov is packed with parks and gardens from all sides. Portuguese history in Porto Novo is popular is the present day globe.

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