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      Cheap Bus Tickets from Lagos to Umuahia Online Booking

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      Do cheap bus from Lagos to Umuahia bus tickets online booking and travel Lagos to Umuahia by road. Umuahia is the Abia state capital city in southeastern Nigeria. Umuahia is placed along the rail road that lies between Umuahia south, and north of Enugu city. Here is the guide of how to book bus tickets from Lagos to Umuahia:

      Bus from Lagos to Umuahia Bus Tickets, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

      Is the Lagos to Umuahia bus the affordable way to get to Umuahia?

      The affordable way to get from Lagos to Umuahia is to shuttle and bus which costs $19 and takes 6h 50m.

      What is the travel distance of Lagos to Umuahia by bus?

      The travel distance of Lagos to Umuahia by bus is 465 km.

      How do I move from Lagos to Umuahia without a personal vehicle?

      The top way to get from Lagos to Umuahia without a personal vehicle is Lagos to Umuahia bus and taxi via Nnewi which takes 6h 35m and Lagos to Umuahia bus fare – $35 – $55, bus service operated by ABC Transport.

      Can I drive from Lagos to Umuahia?

      Yes, the driving distance between Umuahia and Lagos to 580 km. it takes about 8h 10 m to drive from Lagos to Umuahia.

      One of the top restaurants in the city is D place, it is remarkable location to have anything from a domestic delicacy like Nkwobi to different continental dishes.

      Bus Tickets from Lagos to Umuahia Tips

      Umuahia is famous as being an agricultural market center. It is also a railway collect point for crops such as corn, cassava, yams, citrus fruits, taro, kernels and palm oils. Umuahia has a rich post colonial history embedded in the civil war. It was once declared the 2nd capital of the little-lived nation of the Republic of Biafra on September 28, 1967 after the first capital, Enugu was captured by Nigerian army. On 22 April 1969, Umuahia was occupied and almost taken by Nigerian troops but they were forced to retreat due to still odious by Biafran Maj. E.A Eutuk. It was last of all captured on the 24th of December 1969.

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