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          Cheap Bus Tickets from Luanda to Cuito Online Booking

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          Do cheap bus from Luanda to Cuito bus tickets online booking and travel Luanda to Cuito by road. Cuito, formerly called as Siva Porto, is a municipality and city in central Angola, capital of Bie Province. Here is the guide on how to book bus tickets from Luanda to Cuíto:

          Bus from Luanda to Cuito Bus Tickets Booking, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

          What is the affordable way to get from Luanda to Cuito?

          The affordable way to get from Luanda to Cuito by bus. Cheap bus tickets from Luanda to Cuíto $20 – $29 and takes 5h 30m.

          What is the quickest way to get from Luanda to Cuito?

          The fastest way to get from Luanda to Cuito is to bus  which costs $20 – $30 and takes 5h 30m.

          Is there a direct bus Luanda to Cuíto?

          Yes, there is a direct Luanda to Cuíto bus. Services depart 4 times a day, and run every day. The journey takes about 5h 35m.

          What is the travel distance of Luanda to Cuito?

          The travel distance of Luanda to Cuito is 242 km.

          Where do I take the Luanda to Cuito bus from?

          Luanda to Cuito bus services, run by Macon, depart from Luanda station.

          Bus Tickets from Luanda to Cuito Tips

          The town places on the eastern side of the Bie Plateau. The weather is unusually chill for its tropical place. The average yearly temperature is 18C, largely due to high altitude. The chill period is May to August when almost no rain falls. September and October are the warmest months with a pretty rain. Heavy rains falls is the key rainy season November to April.
          Kuito is served by the Benguela railway that once linked to the island provinces to the coast. The real railway station serving Kuito is placed a few kilometers north of the town. The railway is guessed to be repaired in the next few years. There are also direct flights from Luanda.

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