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          Cheap Bus Tickets from Maputo to Lichinga Online Booking

          Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Maputo to Lichinga online now.

          Do cheap bus from Maputo to Lichinga bus tickets online booking and travel Maputo to Lichinga by road. Lichinga is the capital city of province Niassa of Mozambique. The town lies on the Lichinga plateau at top altitude of about 1360m and east of Lake Niassa. Here is the guide on how to book bus tickets from Maputo to Lichinga:

          Bus from Maputo to Lichinga Bus Tickets Booking, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

          Is the Maputo to Lichinga bus the affordable way to get to Lichinga?

          The affordable way to get from Maputo to Lichinga is to fly which costs $220 – $590 and takes 2h 50m.

          What is the travel distance of bus Maputo to Lichinga?

          The travel distance of Maputo to Lichinga bus is 1434 km.

          How do I move from Maputo to Lichinga without a personal vehicle?

          The top way to get from Maputo to Lichinga without a personal vehicle is to bus Maputo to Lichinga and train which takes 40m and Maputo to Lichinga bus fare.

          Can I drive from Maputo to Lichinga?

          Yes, the driving distance of Lichinga and Maputo is 2175 km. It takes about 27h 20m to drive from Maputo to Lichinga.

          Bus Tickets from Maputo to Lichinga Tips

          Lichinga economy has been based on forestry activities and bordered by a pine tree plantation and Jacaranda groves. This town is a center of activity for people travelling to and from Malawi and Lake Niassa.

          Lichinga has a successful business sector, with the amount of visitors coming via the town. Visitors who do visit here, will find many stalls, shops, souvenirs, and local products. There are a few restaurant in the area, which provide a tasty local experience.


          A railway branch line from the port of Nacala terminates in this town, it has been renovated and gets services three times per week. Transport into and out of the city is either by private vehicle or the public chapa or minibus system. Air service is offered by Lichinga airport with flights to Maputo and Nampula via Ethiopian Airlines.

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