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Air taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi online booking will be possible soon. The app helps you search, compare and book cheap flights from Dubai to Abu Dhabi online. Abu Dhabi has it all from traditional Emirati experiences to bold and big malls, parks and buildings. Children will never be left wanting for things to do and neither will adults. Perfect dining, shopping centres that draw people from all over the planet and entertainment to keep you going for hours. So find and compare flight tickets from Cape Town (CPT) to George (GRJ) and book great offers on cheap air taxis from Dubai to Abu Dhabi online now.

Affordable air taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi online booking FAQs

What airports serve Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

Abu Dhabi Intl Airport serve Abu Dhabi and Dubai Airport serve Dubai.

Which airlines regularly fly this route?

Delta Air Lines, Air Canada, and Emirates fly regularly between this route.

Are there regular non-stop cheapest flights Dubai to Abu Dhabi on this route?

There are two daily non-stop flights between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as ninety-three weekly non-stop flights.

What is the total non-stop Dubai to Abu Dhabi flight time?

The total non-stop air taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi flight time for this route is ten minutes.

Which are the nearest substitute airports to Abu Dhabi?

The closet substitute airport to Abu Dhabi is Dubai (eighty km away).

How long does it take to fly from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

Non-stop cheapest flights Dubai to Abu Dhabi is around forty-five minutes.

What is the distance of flights from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

The nearest airport to Dubai, is Dubai Airport, and the nearest airport to Abu Dhabi, is Abu Dhabi International Airport.

• Distance from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is about 120 kilometers.

• How many weekly cheap flights from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

• There are nine weekly cheap flights from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Cheap flights from Dubai to Abu Dhabi Tips

Here are some of the best attractions of Abu Dhabi:

Ferrari World

Counted among the best amusement parks all over the planet, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is among the most famous places in Abu Dhabi. The park designed in Ferrari brand theme occupies a big area of 86,000 sq .m., featuring a big range of attractions for visitors belonging to all age groups.

Emirates Palace

A talk about the lushness of the Arab world is incomplete without a mention of Emirates Palace. It is a luxury 7 star hotel in Abu Dhabi overlooking its private bay. If you have a taste of luxuries, this wonderful landmark of Abu Dhabi is not something value skipping.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is one of the famous attractions of Abu Dhabi. When in the city, you can pick to tour the sands on a motor vehicle, mostly a 4 x4. You can pick to do a morning safari, an evening safari or an overnight safari.