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Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco. It is also financial heart of the country. Although it does not attract as many visitors as cities like Fes, Marrakech, and Tangier, Casablanca still provides plenty of amazing attractions to see and do.

Hassan II Mosque

Perhaps the most famous sight in Casablanca, the Hassan II Mosque is a remarkable architectural jewel that showcases the extremely best of Moroccan artisanship. The big mosque, complete with a towering minaret, is one of the biggest mosque in the planet.


Casablanca olds 19th-century medina is largely a residential area today. Anyway, walking through the narrow streets and resting for a while in one of the many nice restaurants and cafes is a fun way to understand a bit more of what makes the city tick.

Bab Marrakech

Bab Marrakech is one of the big gateways into the medina. Although the arched space in the tall wall would hardly be called exceptional, the adjacent clock tower does include a certain appeal to this section of wall.

Royal Palace

It is a remarkable place to make a quick photo stop. The detailed architecture of the big gate is remarkable, and you can view armed police officers who pace the front tiled courtyard, ready to protect the palace if necessary.

Cheap flights from Marrakech to Casablanca FAQs

How long does it take to fly from Marrakech to Casablanca?

If you book flight from Royal Air Maroc, your cheap flights from Marrakech to Casablanca will be about fifty minutes.

How many direct cheap flights from Marrakech to Casablanca?

There are twenty-eight cheap flights from Marrakech to Casablanca.

Excellent time to book Marrakech to Casablanca flights

Generally the best Marrakech to Casablanca flight time is 2 months in advance. And the affordable day to fly are Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturday. Sunday is the most  costly.

What is the most famous airline for non-stop cheap flights from Marrakech to Casablanca?

Royal Air Maroc offer hundred of the Marrakech to Casablanca flights.

What is the average flying time between Marrakech to Casablanca?

The average flying time for a direct flight from Marrakech to Casablanca is only forty-eight minutes.

Tips for flights Marrakech to Casablanca

• Marrakech, Morocco is 138 miles from Casablanca.
• There are twelve daily flights from Marrakech to Casablanca.
• Fourteen non-stop flights are operating from Marrakech to Casablanca.
• Paris, France - Orly Field is the most famous link for one stop flights between Marrakech and Casablanca.