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      Tigo Tanzania Data Bundles, Data Plan, Subscription Codes and prices

      Below is the list of every Tigo Tanzania data plans and prices / Tigo Tanzania internet packages. Tigo was become the second provider in Tanzania by market shares when it overtook Airtel in 2016. It runs by the Millcom Group that acquired the fourth provider Zantel in 2015, but markets both brand separately. Tigo has a market share of twenty-eight percent. Find cheap Tigo Tanzania data bundles price:

      Their 3G SIM cards are accessible for around TSH 1000 on the streets or in their customers care centres and their 4G LTE SIM cards are accessible for TSH 5000 in their customer care centers. You can top up a lot of locations.

      Here is how to get Tigo Tanzania data bundles, plans and prices / Tigo Tanzania internet packages

      Tigo Tanzania data plans and prices

      Internet outside of plans is TSH forty per MB. These bundles known as internet packages are offered for 3G, 2G and 4G/LTE.

      Tigo Tanzania Bundles




      Tigo Tanzania Daily Data plans: 24 hours

      70 MB

      TSH 500

      200 MB

      TSH 1,000

      1 GB

      TSH 2,000

      Tigo Tanzania Weekly Data plans: 7 days

      400 MB

      TSH 3,000

      800 MB

      TSH 5,000

      Free apps

      2 GB

      TSH 8,000

      Free apps

      Tigo Tanzania Monthly Data plans: 30 days

      500 MB

      TSH 5,000

      2 GB

      TSH 15,000

      Free apps

      10 GB

      TSH 35,000

      Free apps

      Mode of Subscription of TIGO data plans

      Via USSD

      Dial *147*00# to buy data.

      Via Website

      Visit to buy data.

      Via App

      Download Tigo pesa app on google play to buy data.

      How to get TIGO data balance

      Via Sms

      Via USSD

      Dial *102*00# to check your data balance.

      Via Website

      Via App

      Download my Tigo pesa app on google play to check your Tigo Tanzania bundles data balance.

      Tigo Internet Speed

      Peak Speed:
      Average internet browsing speed:

      Tigo Tanzania data bundles information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2021.