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      Zantel Data Bundles Tanzania / Bundles, Data Plan, Subscription Codes and prices

      Below is the list of Zantel data bundles, data plans and prices / Zantel internet packages Tanzania. Zantel used to be the domestic provider on the island of Zanzibar. That is why it has a best coverage there, but had almost no coverage on the mainland. It used to belong mostly to UAE-owned Etisalad, but was sold in 2015 to millcom. Find cheap Zantel data plans and price:

      Their SIM card is accessible at the Zanzibar airport and many outlets on the island and in the capital for TSH 1000 including TSH five-hundred credit.

      Here is how to get Zantel data bundles, plans and prices / Zantel internet packages Tanzania

      Zantel data plans and prices

      They provide these plans for data on 3G.

      Zantel Data Bundles 



      Zantel Daily Data Plans: 24 hours

      75 MB

      TSH 300

      250 MB

      TSH 500

      600 MB

      TSH 1,000

      1.5 GB

      TSH 2,000

      Zantel Weekly Data Plans: 7 days

      700 MB

      TSH 3,000

      1.2 GB

      TSH 5,000

      3 GB

      TSH 8,000

      12 GB

      TSH 12,000

      Zantel Monthly Data Plans: 30 days

      1.5 GB

      TSH 10,000

      3 GB

      TSH 15,000

      7 GB

      TSH 25,000

      14 GB

      TSH 35,000

      Zantel Nightly Data Plans: Night pack

      8 GB

      TSH 1,500

      Mode of Subscription of Zantel data plans

      Via USSD

      Dial *149*15# to buy data.

      Via App

      Download Tanzania ezypesa app on google play to buy data.

      Via Website

      Visit to buy data.

      How to get ZANTEL data balance

      Via Sms

      Via USSD

      Via Website

      Via App

      Download Tanzania Zantel app on google play to check your Zantel data plans.

      Zantel Internet Speed

      Peak Speed:
      Average internet browsing speed:

      Zantel internet packages information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.