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Ghana - One of West Africa’s brightest jewels

Ghana is a country endowed with fascinating beaches, remote natural reserves filled with peculiar wildlife and sophisticated cities and is considered one of West Africa’s brightest jewels. It is also a country of historic events. The colonial trading centers which are still erected by the Atlantic coast are proof of the hardship experienced due to the transatlantic slave trade. Knowing where to begin your tour can be a difficult choice due to the fact that there are many activities to do and places to see.
Places and things of interest in Ghana are Kakum National Park, Accra, beaches, wildlife, history, Ashanti Kingdom, Volta River, its citizens, and more.


Accra is a bustling modern urban city. The avenues have an aroma of scrumptious foods, and the seashore lingers to chill one off. Any tourist will discover a flourishing local cultural sight.

One can find everything from traditional dance and tunes to contemporary nightclubs with the most recent live music. There are conventional arts and innovative modern fashions to be discovered.

The city's British, Dutch, and Danish effects merge with West African origins to generate an unavoidable destination.

Doctor Kwame Nkrumah, recognized as Osagyefo (the Messiah), was one of the establishing forefathers of Ghana. He was the nation's first president. The remarkable mausoleum and commemoration park devoted to him is situated in central Accra.

The Mausoleum combines five acres of remodeled parkland alongside a museum that highlights exhibitions on his life. One can also get to hear and see the entwined story of Ghana's establishment.

The Mausoleum itself is covered with Italian marble and has a form of an inverted sword which represents a sign of peace. It is enclosed by pools that have numerous ornamental statues alongside fountains.

The botanical garden gives one a taste of rural Ghana. It is situated 18 miles away in a residential community of Aburi in the northern part of Accra. The Aburi Botanical Garden spreads just beneath 65 acreages on the Akuapem Hills. The hills elevate at heights of up to 1,200 feet. There is a wide range of environments to relish. Some of them include a stone garden, the palm walk, and gardening school. The palm walk is a path enfolded with palm trees that paves the way to the entrance. Programs incorporating hiking, and bike rentals are also accessible.

There are lodgings accessible with luxurious ancient-colonial-design accommodations. The residences also have restaurants and pubs. Enterprises and a picnic zone are additionally available for day tours.

The Labadi Beach, also called the La Pleasure Beach, is apparently the most well-known beach in Ghana. The seashore extends along the coast just towards the east of Accra.

It is exemplified by the beautiful sand and deep waters. Other than sunning and swimming, activities available are horse-riding along the seashore and water sports.

The street along the shoreline is marked by restaurants and pubs of different sorts. Several of them play records or perform live music to add to the mood. The climate is relaxed and family inviting. The beach tends to get extremely eventful on weekends.

The marketplace is a one-stop shopping experience. Anything from electric appliances to household products, clothes, and jewelry can be found here. Even car spare parts are sold at Makola Market.

Makola market is the leading open market and shopping region in Ghana's business district. Many deals can be obtained on locally manufactured products. Also, tourists can bargain on garments, artisan crafts, and cheap souvenirs.

Guests ought to be ready to take a couple of hours to stroll through the whole market. They should also take advantage of the shopping opportunities. The marketplace has both garden-fresh products and food stalls accessible for replenishing on the way.

Dr. DuBois was a renowned African-American researcher who moved to Ghana to live in the recently independent country. Currently, his former home is a study facility and a tourist destination. It also offers an insight of the Pan-African Culture.

The facility displays exhibitions on his masterpieces and a library alongside his mausoleum and that of his spouse. The remodeled grounds provide an escape from the bustling streets of Accra's city center.

Bed and breakfast are readily accessible to the individuals who need to spend more days on the grounds.

From street nourishment to fine feasting, there is a flourishing food scene to be discovered. Some of them include mundane effects on the busy transaction harbor.

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