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Captivating Reasons to Visit Arusha, Tanzania

Arusha is often brushed off as yet another safari capital in Tanzania, or stopover when going for a hike in the snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro. What most people don’t know that there is more to Arusha than what meets the eye because under its somewhat dusty and chaotic exterior lies a lot of good reasons that will make you want to explore and discover this city. 


1. An Intriguing Culture 

A total of 100 nationalities make up the population of Arusha, and by being a melting pot of several ethnic and indigenous cultures, you can expect that you will be seeing the best of different worlds during your visit. 


2. Breathtaking Mountain Backdrop 

The dormant volcano Mount Meru can be admired from afar in Arusha as it serves as the perfect backdrop for the city. You can bathe under Arusha National Park’s waterfalls or enjoy the camel safari in its lower slopes. 


3. Vibrant Food Market 

The Central Market of Arusha is among the best spots for getting a glimpse of life in Tanzania, offering a welcomed assault to all your senses. A lively atmosphere will greet you as you take in the different stalls of coffee, spices, nuts, and exotic fruit. 


4. Tanzanite Gemstone

December’s birthstone, Tanzanite, is among the proudest exports of Tanzania, and in Arusha, you will find The Tanzanite Experience, the only museum of the world meant for this gemstone alone. Here you can explore the makeshift mine while learning the history of the vibrant blue gem being mined in Mt. Kilimanjaro’s foothills. 


5. Interesting Museums 

The museums at Arusha are an ideal place to visit if you want to learn more about the country’s social, political, and cultural history. There is the Arusha Declaration Museum  and The National History Museum to get you started. 


6. Surprisingly Great Café Culture 

It is quite unexpected that such an archetypal African city like Arusha has lots of great selections of coffee shops that serve iced lattes, flat whites, and other drinks of European style. There are lots of coffee shops dotting the city that you will surely get your caffeine fix without any trouble. 

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